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prescription charges

Thats what I thought! Been ticking that 'Ive been prescribed free of charge contraceptives' for the past 3 years. When I mentioned it to my mum she freaked out and told me I should have been paying for it, in which event I owe the NHS system a couple of grand lol.

Thanks for that, I normally fax my doctors and say I need a repeat prescription, pick it up, fill out the back and tick the 'free' box, collect and go!
No - I found this out in the most embarassing of ways as the pharmacist chased me through Tescos shouting loudly "Miss X, Miss X - I need to give you a refund, you don't pay a prescription charge for your contraceptive implant" :eek::eek:
yea thats definately right :) fortunately for me too, been on it since I was 13 for bad problems around my star week and I think I would be in the same boat at least a few grand in debt haha! xx
I wasnt prescribed it for any problems though, I just asked the doc to go on it and he gave me a prescription which I have just kept faxing over the years to ask to be repeated lol xx
Hahahaha! Oh hun, how embarissing for you! Bless ya! x
If that wasn't bad enough - the (male) office cleaner came up to me later that day and informed me (in a bizarre stalkery way) that he'd seen me in Tesco that morning. Can anyone say icing and cake? :rolleyes:

I did get charged once when I was on pill for a hormonal thing. The pharmacist actually phoned the gp and then informed me that I had to pay as I wasn't prescribed pill for 'contraceptive purposes'. I don't know whether this should have happened, tho.

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