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Presents to ourselves!

rainbow brite

Whenever a child behaves his/herself exceptionally well the parent will usually reward them somehow.

Why are we fatties any different?

We're putting ourselves through this and yes, the eventual reward is going to be a new, slimmer, healthier us, but what about in the mean time?

In my opinion treats are necessary sometimes to keep an individual motivated towards his/her goal. Yes, of course the end result is going to be a reward beyond all others, but in the meantime we're left supping three milkshakes per day and gulping down copious amounts of h20! Not exactly a desired lifestyle, albeit a necessary one for the time being.


I think that setting yourself mini (achievable) targets and rewarding yourself once you hit this target is almost essential in ensuring that we continue on this journey until we hit our ultimate goals.

Anyone out there who somehow stumbles across this entry and doesn't have mini-treats set up for themselves - you need to run off and think of a few right now and keep to them! :D

So now, what are my mini-treats?

For getting out of the 'obese' bracket I'm going to buy myself a new DVD. Sounds a bit dull but it's not like I can buy food and I don't want to be buying clothes.

For a BMI of 28 I'm going to get my hair done. By 'done' I mean get a trim (well, perhaps 7 inches if I'm brave - that'll still leave me with hair to the middle of my back! :eek:)

When I've lost 2 stone I'm going to treat myself to a manicure :p.

And when I reach my ultimate target I'm going to book myself into Kalmora Spa and get a few treatments done (nothing like losing a few more inches :cool:).

I'm sure I'll probably try and squeeze a few more inbetween, but for now that's enough to keep me bobbing along. :)

How about you, what are your mini-treats and if you don't have any why on earth not?! :D

~Gem x

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ya right Gem thats why Ive spoilt myself rotten for the last 6 month lol xx

rainbow brite

And look how far you've come ;) x


on the up lol
This week i treated my self to a ring :p very nice one 2 woohoo :rolleyes:
Oh im really into the whole treating myself thing - im very good at it and i have mastered the skill very well. I would say before i started LT i rarely treated myself or bought anything for myself - I think cos I wasnt happy with how I looked I didnt want to think about clothes shopping or beauty treatments?

Since starting LT my whole attitude to myself has changed and Im always thinking about what I can do to make myself look better! lol Its a nice change for me.

I havent bought any clothes and I dont intend to until I reach my ultimate goal but I have been happily treating myself to many treats including, wii console and wii fit, slendertone arms and abs, 2 month microdermabrasion course, new hair style and colour, lots of books and audio books from amazon and a gym membership!

Really cant wait to get a new wardrobe - although it feels nice to pull old clothes out and wear them again (most of the clothes I am wearing now are 2 or 3 years old!) I get rid of all my clothes as they get too big for me so im never tempted to slip on a bigger pair of trousers if I feel the waist band of my new clothes getting tight!
not sure if ive done this rite but if i have, this will be my present to myself when i reach goal, wat u think? little red dress to die for! ok its come at the side need to put it on signature instead hang on

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