Pressing the reset button...


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Hi all,

I was a member on here a long time ago when I was a lot heavier and was surprised to find my account was still active. It's very strange reading some of my posts from back then. In fact, I'm very nearly at the original target I set for myself. I've lowered it to 14 stone since then (I'm a bloke with a broad, muscular frame).

I never dreamed I would lose as much as I have, but I have hit a complete rut. I'm only following plan half the time and as a result, my weight loss has stagnated. In fact, I've lost nothing overall since February.

Something has to change, so in effect, I'm going to press the reset button. This week is going to be like my first week all over again. I'm going to drink three litres of water a day, I'm going to keep my syns to a minimum and I'm going to do SP for the next six days until my next weigh-in.

I think I need a taste again for how good it feels to have good losses. After losing nearly five and a half stone, it sometimes feels like mission accomplished, but it really isn't. I get so many compliments from people every day that it feels like I've got target already, but I'm still obese, risking my health in the process.

I'm going to use this board as some extra support and for some new ideas.

Onwards and downwards!!
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Hi ConinBrum, reading your post reminds me of myself a few years back. I lost a load of weight ( I was 19st and lost 5st) stagnated and gradually put more back on until I reached 18st and knew I had to sort myself out.
I found great support on here last time. What day do you weigh in are you on slimming world?

Geeky Mum

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Hello there, welcome back! Five and a half stone off is a massive success so congratulations! You've seen how the plan works for you so I'm sure you can knuckle down and smash that target!

Let us know how you are getting on :)


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Welcome in! :classic_big_grin: You clearly know the plan works so hopefully hanging out here for a bit will help you get your head back in the game. :classic_smile:


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Back to basics! welcome back and together we can do this!


S: 17st13lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 0st13lb(5.18%)
Sara, I've started a new thread in slimming world called Woofs Weighers, lol. I still feel I've hijacked this thread a bit. It would be great if you added your thoughts there x


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Welcome back Conor:classic_smile:

Congratulations on maintaining your weight loss that in itself is so very impressive:0clapper:

Good luck with the next phase of your weight loss sure to let us know how you are getting on!