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Pressure Cooker....anyone have?

I was thinking of buying a pressure cooker after tasting some of my neighbour's lovely concoctions - last night was chicken vegetable soup that was sooooo tender!

I'm a bit scared of them though. Does anyone have one and what do you think of it?

I was thinking of getting a 'quick' cooker from QVC which isn't quite a pressure cooker but similar and does cook things faster but then I was thinking maybe I should just get a proper pressure cooker if I'm going to get one.
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I remember my mum having one of these when I was a kid, she used to make gorgeous stews in them, she also used to do the veg in it for sunday lunch. I have never had one though, do they do the same thing as a slow cooker only much quicker?
no but i hav a recently just bought a slow cooker and hav made homemade veg soup and lovely irish stew DAMN they were soooooo good!! got it on sale in Argos such a bargain for £12 somethin i think!! def an investment :) xxx
I've got a slow cooker but fancied the pressure cooker (just another gadget to have!! LOL) as it's the opposite of slow cooker. I also sometimes get tired of my slow cooker 'shredding' the meat - even though it's lovely and tender.
We had one as a wedding present 7 years ago. It never came out of the box so I gave it away a couple of years ago!

Sorry doesn't answer your ? but I only buy electrical kitchen items now that I know I will use!


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i have a pressure cooker and i love it!
i use it all the time even if its just to do my spuds for dinner

i use it too for a quick stew
beef, veg,pearl barley and beef bovril herbs salt and pepper!
lovely jubbly xxx
Is it scary to use???

Also, my neighbour recommended getting a non stick one but I think they're quite expensive. Do you have trouble with food sticking or burning in yours? Do you have to use oil or is Frylight ok?


wants a new body
i put a bit of oil round the seal on the lid, thats it its a trial and error thing tho lol
i put my stuff in and let it boil till it hisses then i turn ring down to number 3 for about 7 mins and then i got spuds ready for mashing
you do get a booklet with it that tells you how long to cook things for. its perfect for quick things whereas slow cooker is perfect for cooking things slow, i need it for volume! there 6 of us everyday but when dsd(dear step daughter) and s-i-l come with baby it comes in handy
i wouldn't be without mine!


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I've just replaced mine (after 35 years! prestige old fashioned one with the weights!) They are invaluable! Lentil soup, 10 mins, split pea soup ,all soups (non pulses) 4 mins, chicken stew 8 mins, beef stew generally 20 mins depending on cut. I do pot roasts with lean brisket. Everythings really quick and the meat is so tender. Also have a slow cooker from Tesco. Made a mean curry in it while I watched the rugby on saturday!

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