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previous binge eaters view on ss+

I have been on SS+ ( and a previous binge eater too ) for the last 6 ish weeks and really struggled to be honest .. i found it harder to have a little bit of food than none at all so I have gone back onto SS this last week and found it loads easier , I was thinking about the food all day and sooo looking forward to it .. and ti never satisfied me as its such a small amount .. so now just not having to think about it is much better

I hope you find the best thing to do for you :)


please try again
im the other way, lol

if i decide im doing an ss+ day i find im alot calmer and i stick to my amounts

then i have days on ss where i want to stick to just the shakes but i get panicky and end up on a mini binge ( mainly protien and no where near the amounts i would have had pre cd )

guess we are all different, you have to do what works for you


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I'm a previous binge eater and I find the small amount of food helps. I just make sure that I weigh/measure anything so my portion sizes cannot creep up. Everyone is different though so talk to your CDC and tell her you might struggle and need to swap plans x
im on ss and i need to cut it out completely but it just depends on you, maybe give each of them a go and see how it works out


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I cut it out all together at first, i did LT actually but then after a few weeks of no food i decided to give ss+ a go. It really helps me get through the day knowing i have some food to look forwad to at dinner time. Good luck!
i am sole source plus i have 2 meals cambridge and a fruit salad and 40070 cal dinner that includes vegitables and that works for me when i done it last time and the weight lost is just as good although i only tried it for 6 days then fell off track but today i am on again and i wm going to do it that way my calories is 1000 a day and some exercise. I am a binge eater and this is the way to do it for me i know that i will do it this time as i am so determined and i cannot let food contol my thoughts and life any more after day 3 i know i will be ok.
I sadly still sadly an all or nothing girl,so on my 'good days' I do ss+ 4 packs and milk allowance,the milk allowance is my saviour as it allows me my coffees. Good luck x


This is the last time!!
I'm a classic binge eater - boredom, habit, emotional......You name the heading it comes under, that's me. I too am an all or nothing person, so SS is my plan. However, I was quite poorly last weekend and ended up doing SS+ on the Friday and Saturday. I had some chicken breast and cucumber in the early evening. It helped with the dizzy feelings I was having and I actually didn't hanker for more, I was quite satisfied.
I would suggest that you may find it easier to start off on SS and then if you find it too tricky, then try SS+. I imagine that adding food to the plan would be easier than taking it away if you see what I mean? Whatever you choose, I wish you much luck! When done properly this plan is so effective. I have lost 26lbs in 5 weeks and dropped my BMI nicely too.

Lisa D

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I'm a major binge eater (and secret eater too) and I find I have to take food totally out of the equation altogether to succeed, if I have a small taste of food it's never enough for me, which is why I have to ignore everyone when they tell me to just eat healthily because I know that cannot work for me.

But each to their own, so you can only try and see what works best for you, why not try SS for the first week, if it's getting too hard introduce your small meal.
Thanks for all the replies. I think SS to begin with and see how i go from there. If i struggle then i know i have another option besides quitting. Hopefully ill be fine and will be glad once week 1 is over with!

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