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Pro Plan

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Buttons290784 said:
Hi All Does anyone have anymore information on the new pro plan? How many points food is? How many points do you get a day? etc. I have previously done WW at home brought all the books which relate to the normal ww plan.

Linz x
The plan isn't launched til tomorrow until then it's all speculation and what's been gleamed from the media
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Hiya, some people have tweeted articles the links to the articles in the papers if you look up WW uk on Twitter.


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I started the ProPoints plan today, from what i can tell most of the people in my meeting were on 29 points a day (im on 30). You have to use all your ProPoints everyday, you cant save any. On top of this you get an extra 49 ProPoints "Living Allowance" a week to use although you dont have to eat all of them. You can also still earn Bonus Points through exercise.

However, a lot of points values have changed. Eggs are now 2pts each compared to 1.5pts on old plan, and looking in the Eat Out Guide, a Harvester Burger used to be 20.5pts on Discover, its now 30pts, a Harverster Sundae Best used to be 5pts, its now 7 pts, and Special Fried Rice used to be 10pts i think, now its a whopping 23!!

We were told this morning that protein based foods (chicken/cheese etc) will have a lower point value than before and that fruit is not FREE its 0 points (? same thing?) so we had better not just eat fruit and expect a weightloss, LOL!

Also, if your an online/esource member, we were told to erase all the foods in our favourites list as the website will not update these automatically when it switches over (it will switch anything else though) and then put them in again using the new system.

Seems to be okay so far, Im only half a point over my daily allowance so ive taken half a point off my weekly allowance, only another 48.5 left for the week :)


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I asked my consultant about fruit being 0 points and i said my worry was that to my brain free foods are unlimited and that i could quite happily sit and eat all day. She said that you have be sure to only eat standard portions and not go mad!! eg: eat a portion of strawberries not the whole punnet, eat a portion of melon not the whole melon.
I will need be monitor my fruit as i think this is where i could easily go wrong.


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S: 14st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(7.11%)
I didn't think this new plan entertained half points? Only whole points? Perhaps someone can shed some light?
My mistake, I only worked out that half points dont exist this morning when I went to upload my tracker this morning and 5.5 pts was coming up as 55, lol! Anyway, after a bit of faffing around, I worked out that I didnt touch my weekly allowance yesterday, so im well chuffed!

Just a bit worried about Saturday now, if I eat my daily allowance and my weekly allowance on Saturday night (dinner with friends) will it affect my weigh in Sunday morning, or should i just try and stick to my daily allowance to be on the safe side??