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ProPoints pro points journey

A little about moi,,
i'm female:D
i'm 35 :(
and from Ireland,,
Did discover for 6 months and lost nearly 2 stone,went on hols and put 11lb back on:cool:still get a shock when i look in the mirror and see me,,have to remind myself that 6 months ago i was 12 stone 7 and should stop giving myself a hard time when i see some wobbly bits.
Didn't watch points for few days over Christmas but started again yesterday,Tomorrow starting the Wendi plan before the pro points kicks in on wi day next thurs,,sorry about the long post,,i ended up writing a novel:D:D
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bacon medalions 1.5 points
fried egg 1.5 points
brown bread x 2 3 points
tomatoes and mushrooms 0 points
pineapple & melon 2 points
milk for coffee 2 points
pink n white .5
chips and chicken goujans 4.5
vodka and diet 7 up 1 point
2 ww carrot cake 2 points

18 points
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start of wendi plan,,19 points today


milk/coffee for day 2 points
pineapple 1 point
bran flakes 1.5 points

potatoes 1 point
chicken goujan's 5 points
beans 1 point
skinny latte,,from allowance
ww lemon slice 1 point
fudge bar 2 points

ww yoghurt and meringue 2 points
skinny latte (again) from allowance
ww bar 1.5
pink n white later .5

total 19 points
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today 16 points


brioch roll 2 points
for some crazy reason i'm having a party tonight,,lots of cheese's and pate's and crackers oh and wine and champers and beer,,oh god,,today should really have been my shd i feel!!!
ok party bad idea,ate most of the cheese board,,then had family for dinner yesterday and didnt point,,so i'm going to count it as my shd,,which means sld today and i'm starving as i went to bed at half 8 last night cause i so wrecked:((14 points today:((
home made soup 0 points

rashers 2 points
bread 3 points
mayo free
tomatoes free
mushrooms free
fried egg 1.5 points

frzen fruit 1 point
ww youghurt 1 point
2 meringue's .5 points
slice of ham 1 point
2 skinny latte's 2 points
had something else but cant remember but it was 2 points:)
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ya my weigh in day is thurs so starting it then,,have you started it??
18 points today!!!!

bran flakes 1.5 points
milk 1 point

0 point soup
2 slices of brown bread 3 points

skinny latte 1.5 points
ww bar 1.5 points

2 waffles 3 points
fried egg 1.5 points
beans 1 point
pink n white .5 point

15 points

very aware of my lack of fruit last few days but no shopping in:(
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God that's good, well done!! I've hardly any fresh food in either, am not doin shopping til thurs plus cupboards still heavin with Christmas food for hubby and kids.

I go back on Wed, will be over my gold limit sadly for first time in 4 years. Just went mad this Christmas. Have had a mixed day today, not as bad as I've been but nowhere near as good as I should be.

Well done again!

Just popping in to say Hi, and good luck for your WI this week, and your transition to PP. Personally, I'm loving it, however must admit I didn't come straight from Discover.

Sure you'll be fine!!

16 points today

black tea
rice krispies 1.5 points
milk allowance for day 2 points

rashers 2 points
brown bread 4 points
beans 1 point

ww bar 1.5
0 point soup
ww yoghurt 1 point
pink n white . 5 points
there was more but can't remember:( came to 16 tho!!!
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black tea 0 points
activia yoghurt .5 point
2 meringues .5 points

home made chips 2 points
curry sauce 1 point
breast of chicken 2.5 points
red yellow green peppers 0 points

skinny latte..1 point
crisps 1 point
pink n white .5 point

breadsticks 1.5 points
low fat cheese 1 point
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was going to go for w i tonight till i weighed myself and decided against going:) so will head to my normal class in the morning,,am quite excited about new point system and hearing all about it,,
thanks everyone,,down 1lb over christmas,,oh yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
29 pro points
skinny latte 3
ww brownie 2 pp
ww bagel 4 pp
ham 3 pp
laughing cow 0
tomatoe 0
banana 0

ww tikka sauce 3 pp
chicken breast 4 pp
rice 6 pp
can't believe my dinner was 13 points!!!!
2 chicken things 4 points
activia yoghurt 1 point

total 30 pp so 1 over
weekly pp 35-1
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