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Gotta Make A Change


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If I'm at home in the evening, then I get the nail varnish out and paint my nails. I know while I'm doing it and afterwards, that I won't want to ruin the varnish by touching food / putting it in my mouth. By the time I've finished doing that, I'm not still wanting to eat whatever it was.
I've also just started a poster where I'm putting pictures of what this diet means to me, so it will have a picture of the dress I'll be able to wear, it's got a picture of my bike on it, it's got a picture of the park, and above all it's got a picture of my beautiful daughter on it - just all the personal things to me that are my reasons for doing this. When it's finished it will be up in my kitchen, and I may put a copy in the living room too, and probably a small one in my wallet, to help me focus on what's really important to me (which isn't whatever the passing temptation is!)
I also plan in some food (I do a mix of total & working solution, as I know once I've been off food for too long, I just get fixated on it, so for me this works.
Good luck :)


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Brush your teeth/paint your nails/have a bath/read a book/go for a walk anything really to keep you going lol

I sometimes find if Im really craving something it helps to sniff it lol (yes Im weird!!) I also find when Im in full ketosis stride I become a bit of a feeder and love making cakes and meals for anyone and everyone!!

The best way for me not to cave in and eat is to remember how hard those first few days are without ketosis and ask myself if what Im craving is really worth doing it again and usually it isnt lol ;)


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I have a shower and that usually puts me off! Three reasons-
1 - Can't eat in the shower
2 - Feeling clean makes me less hungry
3 - The sight of myself in the mirror reminds me I usually don't need that bit of temptation!

If I'm not at home I bully myself by calling to mind nasty comments someone has made about my weight and then that strengthens my resolve to keep at it!


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I dont cave only coz I hate getting into ketosis. Whenever I have headaches they tend to escalate to migraines so for me thus scary enough :). Try to think of how good you will lokk in the summer or at goal and the lovely clothes you can wear. I love fashion so it gives me my willpower. To be honest I also hate being BIG so no food is worth it at the moment.


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Just a thought isn't kenshin a man?? He would probably look very pretty with painted nails :)

I've been doing some DIY converted my cupboard into a walk in wardrobe and general odd jobs