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Problem solved or not as the case may be

Some of you will know that last week i posted concerns regarding my blood pressure going up and this week I have posted concerns regarding not being able to afford lipotrim at the moment due to having to borrow a family member a huge chunk of cash . Well both of those problems have been kind of solved with one phone call from my doctor.

First things first I just wanted to say to everyone, thank you very much for all your support I seriously couldn’t have done it without you . I have done 11 weeks and lost 4 stone a fact I am still totally amazed with!

After much thought on my behalf and discussion with my doctor I have decided that I will be stopping lipotrim on Sunday this week and following the re-feed programme for 2 weeks after that.

this will hopefully only be temporarily until the New Year when I will be able to go back on Lipotrim if I still want to and if my health problems have stopped.

I will still be following a healthy low calorie, low fat, low carb eating plan so will still be being "good" and losing weight fingers crossed may even join SW or WW or something.

After the concerns last week with my blood pressure and some other problems such as a non stop TOTM for 10 weeks! I went to see a doctor who has although he backs this diet 100% suggested I come off the diet for 6 weeks minimum to see if that sorts out some of the problems I have encountered whilst on it.

A thought I totally agreed with partly for my own mental sanity as i have been very worried lately about every ache and pain in my abdomen incase its something bad like kidney stones etc.

As we all know starting and stopping ketosis too close together is just plain silly so if i stop for 6 weeks after doing the 2 weeks re-feed it will be the middle of November and i was planning on stopping for Christmas and my 30th Birthday at the end of November anyway so talked it over with the doctor and he agrees New Year would be a good point to start again and this will give me 3 months off a good enough period of time for me to get back to "normal"

I will be back on LT! if my bloomin body lets me and will still hang around and hand out advice if i have any.

I am gutted to be going but I dont see it as giving up its just a temporary blip and I will definatley be carrying on with my weight loss journey even if its by a different method.

Lastly to all those people who worry, I will be honest as a child I had kidney problems and they were unsure if they should or shouldnt let me go onto Lipotrim , I agreed with myself at the time that if there were any concerns regarding my health on this diet I would stop I have concerns and I am stopping. LT works for some people it doesnt for others.

The problems i had are as follows
My usually normal Blood pressure has sky rocketed in the last 12 weeks.
I have constant pain in the right hand side of my abdomen
I also have pain near my kidneys in my back
I have had a full on full blown period for the last 10 weeks ( i am actually on medication that should stop me having them all together and I have been taking it!)
I dont think it is healthy that every week I am having to use laxatives to have a bowel movement though out of the other problems this was least of my concerns

Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for sticking by me, and Good Luck to everyone YOU CAN DO IT !!

Gen xx
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Awww Genie... mahoosive 'ugs for you - sounds like you've proper gone through the mill.... xxx

Best of luck to you moving forward... x
Good grief you really have gone through the mill - have have lost 4 stone whilst being quite poorly - well done - and i hope you're feeling better soon x x x
Well done Genie on your weight loss to date, wishing you luck in the future, Enjoy your birthday and Xmas and remember to be good!
Thanks xx I think LT has given me the kickstart i needed to lose weight I have been big from being a kid and have never known a slim me. I am lighter now than I was at 16 . I can see in my head now that its do-able even if it takes ages n ages the traditional way, I still hope to get back on LT if possible in the future but i am deffo going to carry on losing weight till i get to around 11 stone which means I have 5.5 stone to go/. I might not be as skinny as i had hoped this christmas but i am determined i will be for next christmas, I am introducing a self enforced choccie ban as thanks to LT i now know i can go weeks without a twirl and its not going to kill me.

Gen xx
Hi hun, you have made a huge dent in the amount of weight that you want to lose so well done you! Not sure I would have managed what you have done with your health concerns.

Just don't forget us, just because you are taking a break from lipotrim doesn't mean your not a lipotrimmer so carry on posting and let us know how you are doing x


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Genie I hope your health issues get resolved and good luck with the long term goals x
Thanks Angie and Tara xx

Well the doctor suggested coming off LT on Sunday to give me time to prepare mentally for the thought of eating again and to go food shopping but all day yesterday all i could think about was a subway veggie delight salad so i bit the bullet and started re-feed will post my refeed diary on the refeed section when i have time , though to be honest since I have no food in the house for the next 3 days it will be subway veggie delight salads . im away at weekend and dont want to buy loads of veg in for it to go manky in the bottom of the fridge!

Yesterdays menu was
Brekkie - Lipotrim strawberry shake
Lunch - Lipotrim Choccie shake
Tea - a subway veggie delight salad which consisted of Lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, green peppers, gerkins and about 4 olives, i chucked a slice of bernard matthews turkey breast on it when i got home i ate about half of this and was fit to bust!


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Dear Gen, I really hope your health improves, it's sounds just terrible and tbh I don't know how you've managed to stick with it for this long! Please look after yourself and make sure those doctors do too. big hugs xxxx
Salad sounds so nice its made my mouth water haha

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