Hiya I am new to this website and have been on the Lighter life diet for 3 weeks now...The first week was rather difficult but things are starting to get better now!!

I only have one slight problem which is constipation! I haven't been pooing at recommended by my llc I have taken dulcolax which there anything else you guys have used??

Also I have lost my recipe sheet and was just wondering if anyone knows how to make biscuits out of the lemon bar?? i have been told they are quite nice.

Thanx in advance for your advice.
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Hia Pwincess!

Keep drinking the water! At least 4 litres a day, on top of any other drinks you are having. Water helps a lot with reducing constipation.

Lemon biscuits - I love 'em too!

Chop bar into 8 - 10 pieces. Place on baking sheet - make sure they are far apart as they expand. Cook in micro on high for about one minute. Keep checking through the microwave door for the biscuits to start turning brown. They should be done!

It will be a bit of trial and error for the first few times until you get the timing exactly right for you.

Good luck!



hya amandajayne

thanx for the advice i have been drinking 4 litres a day but i shall try drinking more :)

How far into the program are you?

and i wil try the biccies 2moro



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Good for you, Pwincess.

I started LL 24th August and finished the 100 days in December, continuing with Development for a few weeks to lose a bit more.

Started Management in January, just up to the fifth week of the 12 week course. Enjoying eating real food again.

You can dip into my Management journey on another thread (AJs Management Journey).

Gone from size 24 to 12! A totally new experience and one I can recommend!

Loads of good advice, experience and fun can be found on this site, it will be a valuable tool to help you when the going gets tough!


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Hi Pwincess

An alternative to dulcolax is movicol which you can buy from any chemist (although it's not cheap) or you can get it on prescription from GP. It's much kinder than dulcolax - no cramps or urgency next day. Water is a good thing. I'm currently trying psyillium husks which are fibre and they are supposed to help with constipation and diarrhoea so i'll keep everyone updated on progress with them.

Where abouts in Wakefield are you and where do you go to your class? I'm in Castleford.

Christina x


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Another way to make the biscuits is to cook them in the oven.

A teflon sheet is great for this - cut the bar up into however many peices you want and you can either put them on the baking sheet like that - or roll the up into a ball - then flatten them down on the baking sheet - pop them in the oven - keep a close eye on them tho in case they burn - they are sooo tasty!!
Enjoy :D


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Hi Pwincess!

Well done for coming so far!
Try the LL water flavourings they gave me the trots at first but am ok now.



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One of my clients was so constipated that she tried all the usual remedies, She tried Dulcoease and did not lose anything for 3 weeks - so dont go there. She has been taking an Omega 3 tablet everyday for the last few weeks and has no problems at all and it has not affected her weight loss. Hope this helps



Thanks for ur advice evryone!

Ive tried the water flavourings they tuk no effect.

Redpam is it OK to take Omega 3 tablets whilst on LL?

Hey Christina i live in Sandal but I go to the LL counsellor in Ossett...Wer do you go? how long have u been on the diet? what is ur weight loss so far?

I go to the gym 3/4 tymes a week will this effect my weight loss? Someone told me it will so i ahve stopped going as much now

Thanks again



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Hi Pwincess

My meeting is in Castleford town centre
I'm on day 25 and at my meeting on Tuesday i had lost 17lb (i've had a peek this morning and i've lost another 3lb).
I went through hell at first cos i can only drink choc pack cold as others make me retch but it took me a week to find out about choc cold and i've had bowel trouble.
How much have you lost?
Christina x


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I had the same trouble as you but was recommended nettle tea which works a treat


Hiya Christina I'm on day 20 and have lost 15lb so the moment im jus feeling fed up cos nothing comes out (of the other end)...lyke u i live on choc milkshakes.