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Problems again with my stomach

Have you spoken with you LLC? Maybe you should go to see your GP.
S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st13.0lb G: 9st9.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st5lb(10.22%)
FNM I have the same problem. Absolutely nothing remotely "solid" when I am on food packs. That is ok at home but rather embarassing at work (awful noises) sorry if to much information! I have just perservered but if anyone has a solution then I would be interested too!


Slimming for my children
Hi guys I have stayed off work today i was so tired and couldnt stop the D.
I have just woken up and have literally crawled onto the pc to see if work have emailed me anything to do from home.
which thanksfully they havent.
I am starting to drink my water but i am too scared to have any packs as I dont want to start the grinding sensationin my stomach and the D.
I seem to have lost another 4lbs since yesterday too after all the D. on my own scales. I know i shouldnt but i do it encourages me.
Surley its not right?

couldnt get an app with the GP and i am having a meeting tonight although i dont know if i have the energy for it.

i can barely sit up and typing is making me knackered. :(

I think the time has come to stop asking for advice from the forum and get some medical advice. When you read this message, I suggest you call LL HQ immediately and ask to speak to the medical team.

If for any reason they are not helpful, get yourself to a walk-in centre and see a Dr there if you can't see your GP. If that is not possible call NHS Direct.

None of us are able to give the advice you need. We are only people who have done the programme ourselves and all I can say is I've never had diarrhoea on LL - I have the opposite issue and I have now sorted mine out. Since it has been several days, you need to seek medical advice. You are probably dehydrated (which would explain the loss of 4lbs overnight). Don't take chances with your health!
Three of my nieces have had the D word, have been sick and had really bad stomach pains. This must be a bug or something. Maybe you have the same.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Slimming for my children
Hi called NHS direct and they said i need to eat something bland ie potatoes, rice, bread or biscuits. That until i stop Ding that i should carry on this way. I think i might just give it a go tonight as i am in so much pain.
Apparently its a bug thats going around at the moment. So shouldnt be to do with Lighter life but i need to eat.

But on a lighter note i went to weigh in and lost a further 3.3lbs but then got sent home cos i looked "awful" thanks.

So gonna do myself something to eat. Bit scared to be hoenst.

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