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Do any of you suffer with really dry hands?

My Partner has this problem but certain times they are so dry they crack, bleed & have keens in his fingers, went to the doctors & he prescribed aqueous cream which did help but it never shifted! It comes & goes..

Maybe he needs a strong steriod cream, I will drag him to the doctors (he hates going) but 1st wanted to see if anyone has any decent creams they have tried?!?


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Maybe trying just natural creams/oils: cocoa butter and almond oil are very good
I had extremely dry skin on my hands last year - tried every sort of cream imaginable!
Then found Flexitol Hand Balm (for very dry skin), from Boots.
Within a couple of weeks, the dryness had gone.
I'd completely forgotton about it - your post just reminded me, so had to rush upstairs to find the cream!
I got it from Boots, think it was about £6 (ish), but worth it for me.
Hope this helps.


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i use Vaseline and aqueous cream from the chemist both help sooth my hands, im a dog groomer and really suffer and after a few days after using Vaseline they usally improve a great deal
I use Flexitol on my feet and it works so I am sure it is good for hands. I have used Neutrogena hand cream and Atrixo in the past.

Does he have a job where his hands are in contact with detergents, chemicals etc. Does he do the washing up without rubber gloves?
slathering on aqueous cream, then putting on some cotton gloves before bed really helps - My partner had severe eczema on his feet & it was religious application of aqueous that fixed it in the end
Body shop do a fab hand cream with Hemp-I work outside and with horses and my hands get stupidly dry and cracked but this cream is fab, and a little goes a very long way :)
I have dry skin on my elbows and knees, and also, I used to work in a fast food chain and the soap they made us use, dried out my hands to the point of cracking and bleeding. My hands have only just gotten back to the way they used to be (after 3 years!!) after applying vitamin E cream to my hands and wearing cotten gloves while i was asleep and then using palmers olive butter throughout the day. Now I don't have to apply so much cream.

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