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  1. Aisha_Mango

    Aisha_Mango Full Member

    Hey guys,

    Iv been trying to get more protein in my diet recently but due to lots of allergies I have, Iv been finding myself eating chicken 24/7 lol .. Iv been seeing alot of recipes around using protein powders which means I can increase my protein without eating the entire worlds supply of chicken lol ..

    My only problem is that it seems to be pretty expensive! I had a look in tesco and on the internet and it seems they only sell big tubs for around £20-£30! I only want a small tub to trial and see how I get on with it so does anyone have any ideas where I can buy some protein powder without spending and arm and a leg?!

    Thaaaaanks x
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  3. Aisha_Mango

    Aisha_Mango Full Member

    Oh thanks for the allergy reminder, will definitely check the label before i buy anything!

    Il give holland and barret a try and see if they have anything
  4. dietqueen82

    dietqueen82 Full Member

    THeres a website discount supplements that do single sachets for you to try or smaller bags of whey they seem reasonably priced and have free delivery :)
  5. linzi

    linzi New Member

    Im pretty sure myprotein do single doses of protein. It comes in bottles and you can get one for under £2.
  6. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Check out the holland and Barrett website they sometimes have the whey protein powder on offer at half price and it tastes great too xxx

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  7. jakerhodes

    jakerhodes Banned

    Another alternative to protein powder is powdered milk. You can pick it up from most supermarkets and it contains about 20% protein once mixed with the recommended amount of water.
  8. tekniicolor

    tekniicolor Full Member

    I've found pretty good ones one ebay, the best ones to pick have around 70% or more protein per 100g and as few additives as possible like sweeteners etc
    I personally get concentrated grass fed hormone free whey protein but it's pretty pricey.
  9. hayrae

    hayrae Full Member

    I buy from I'm thinking of trying holland and barratt as its cheap and supposedly good. But you can get individual sachets from myprotein.
  10. everton04

    everton04 Gold Member

    I buy a product called nectar sweets which is just pure protein! It has only 25cals per shake and they do loads and loads of different flavours! The one I have at the mo is Oreo cookie! I bought a big drum of it for €30 so it will be cheaper in pounds

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  11. MAndrews

    MAndrews Full Member

    I used to buy from but also from

    I am sensitive to dairy so to have pea, soy, brown rice, hemp protein easily availble online is well and truly a godsend.

    Also have a look at Protein Pow(d)er - it's a cookbook on cooking with protein powders. You get to make "normal" foods like muffins and cakes and such.

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