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protein shakes?



Fair-haired pixie
I'll get a lot of flack for this, but yes, they can physiologically speaking. You will lack vitamins/minerals (vitamin tablet) and fibre (fibre supplement). You will also need to make sure you dose them correctly, so that you get enough protein (0.8g per kilo bodyweight for a healthy person). You should be under the supervision of your GP in theory when you're on a VLCD.

and they probably won't taste as good either ;)

I don't advocate it, but I'm just saying it how it is from a medical standpoint.
*waits for all hell to break loose* ;)

Lots of love,
thanx for being honest!
i wouldnt be looking to do that long term just for like 2 weeks while im waiting to be paid and get a cdc appt

so perhaps 2 shakes a day and a 790 meal?


Fair-haired pixie
In my opinion (I am not a doctor - still training) that sounds very reasonable. It's important your body gets enough protein, otherwise it starts to break muscles (including the heart) down - but you have that covered with the shakes and then the 150/250g protein from 790.

I'd personally drink a glass of low fat milk each day as well, because even if you take a calcium supplement, your body can have trouble absorbing it. Dark green leafy veggies contain a lot of calcium as an alternative.

But, as I said, what you do is up to you :) I'm just giving my opinion.

Lots of love
Ida xx

PS I know how it is with payday etc, I'm broke as well! Luckily I made a load of food earlier in the month and froze it.
could protein bars be used aswell, we do some that r 150kcals and i already have some of those at home so its even less that i have to pay out xx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Sorry but I don't agree with any of this.

CD was worked out to finely balance the quantity of protein to carbs.

Stick to the CD Plan and be safe

Do have a read of the original Cambridge book written by Dr. Alan Howard and published in 1984 for the full reasoning behind why/how the diet works.

Substitutions just don't work in the same way.

Around £36 for a full 7 days of CD SSing is quite a reasonable price, considering how much you would normally be paying for food.

It might be a good idea to speak to your own GP regarding substituting protein shakes for CD shakes since this is not to be advised at all. They are meant as ADDITIONS to a person's diet for bodybuilding, not as substitutions for a nutrionally-balanced diet - which is what CD is.

i would only b doing it for 10 days til i get paid and im also gonna be eating not ss
In order to follow a VLCD you need to be using the correct packs do not substitute protein shakes for CD shakes it would not but nutrionally balanced.

If you cannot afford CD for two weeks continue with the weightloss method you have used in the past eat plenty of lean meat, fish, green vegetables and fruit. Wholegrain foods inc rice and pasta.



Fair-haired pixie
I don't mean to be controversial here - but the cambridge shakes contain protein + sugar (12.8g per shake, apparently). I honestly don't see the difference between that and drinking protein shakes - especially if she's eating veggies/meat and milk alongside - she'll be getting enough carbohydrates, and not in the form of sugar either. That's a good thing. I certainly don't see any difference between that and slimfast, which is two shakes a day plus a meal. I know that cambridge is finely balanced etc etc but all it is, is a protein shake with sugar and flavourings and vitamins too. They dont even contain any huge amount of fibre. I'm not recommending she does this, I'm just saying that from a medical standpoint, it's the same. There's even a bit of fat and some carbs in protein shakes.

See: Calories in Designer - Designer Whey Instant Shake Mix Chocolate

I also don't get why people say that the cambridge shakes are perfectly balanced when they don't contain enough protein. I started at 73.8kg, and would be advised to take 3 shakes a day. My book (and the newest guildlines) state that 0.8g/kilo bodyweight is the minimum for HEALTHY people. Most overweight people aren't all that healthy with additional problems because of thier weight, but we'll ignore that. That would give me a requirement of 59g protein per day. 3 shakes contain only 43g. I wasn't even that overweight to start with, so it's even worse for people who start heavier. Now I'm down to 8st 11ish, and even now my protein requirements are 44g.

sorry if I sound like I am harping on, I think the cambridge shakes are a great product, and probably contain enough protein to stave off serious atrophy. But they are not perfectly balanced.

Sorry again, I don't mean to rant :)

Lots of Love
Ida xx

Edit: just wanted to say that I am not a qualified doctor. I am a medical student, (as mentioned) and chuckie should therefore take what I say with a pinch of salt. I am not a cambridge diet counsellor either, but nutrition is a field that I am very involved in.


Fair-haired pixie
The WHO protein figures translate into 56g of protein a day for a (75kg) man, and 48g for a (64kg) woman. The recommendations of the UK Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) are slightly higher, at about 68g a day for sedentary or moderately active men, and 54g a day for women [SIZE=-1](2).[/SIZE]


Fair-haired pixie
I don't have the cambridge book. What am I missing? Hope you don't feel I am attacking you, or cambridge, I'm just countering :)

Lots of love
Ida xx :)


Loving the Cambridge Diet
You cannot take one piece of information and argue with it when you don't have the full facts of the research which has been done spanning nearly 40 years.

In order to 'counter' anything you need to be in full possession of the facts.

Very vulnerable people read these threads and you are giving folks a false impression.

Do remember that C.O.M.A. originally specified that the Cambridge Diet was perfectly acceptable , and that N.I.C.E. did the same thing with the proviso that men have 4 shakes per day and women 3.

Are you trying to say that N.I.C.E. with all the research projects that have been done - both by the Cambridge Foundation themselves and by outside bodies - have got it wrong?

I am not responding to this nonsense any further.


Fair-haired pixie
We clearly disagree.

I am not at all qualified in any way shape or form, and I would recommend that you discuss your plans with your GP or the practice nurse. It is very possible I am not aware of all the facts, and my heartfelt apologies if this is the case.

Please talk to your GP chuckie, and best of luck to you.

Lots of love,
Ida xx
Nobody is allowed to think for themselves any more on this forum :(. No one is even allowed to ask a question that is 'outside the box'. It is becoming more and more evangelical and anyone with a doubt/query/whatever is immediately jumped on. I am very disillusioned. Can't we even exchange views as thinking adults? Has everything got to be censored in case 'vulnerable people' might read it? I like to think that most of us are mature people who are capable of thinking for themselves - I must be wrong. Boy, it's depressing. :(
You cannot take one piece of information and argue with it when you don't have the full facts of the research which has been done spanning nearly 40 years.

In order to 'counter' anything you need to be in full possession of the facts.
Well quite, but on the other hand it's very dangerous to become brainwashed and so "in one camp" that no one else's ideas can possibly be reasonable or worth listening to.

FWIW, I think many of us followed diets which were much more unhealthy and lacking in nutrients than using protein shakes for a few days.

Yes CD is carefully thought out and balanced, but it doesn't mean that other methods wouldn't be effective or safe.

Using shop bought protein shakes wouldn't be an equivalent of the CD but might be an alternative that may work for some. Not everyone can afford to spend £35 a week on CD. Yes for many of us that is cheaper than what we used to spend on food, but not for everyone. (I used to be able to do a weekly shop for myself for about £15 - loadsa spuds, baked beans, value cheese, biscuits, bread, apples and squash for example).

So perhaps a bit more of a broadminded attitude wouldn't go amiss? No one's saying it's identical to Cambridge or has all the same attributes, but if these things weren't safe, they'd have been pulled by now.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
The Cambridge Diet will keep you fit and healthy for as long as someone wishes to follow it, even if that is over one year.

A protein shake is not an alternative to CD, it is not even in the running. It would be dangerous to suggest otherwise.

There is a difference between equivalent and alternative.

And it doesn't follow that because the CD will keep you healthy, any other diet won't.

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