Proud of myself - McDonalds challenge!!!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Tink78, 12 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Tink78

    Tink78 Member

    I had to go to McDonalds with my son's school class today and it seemed unfair to have to go and not eat anything. Last night I looked on their website to see what had the least calories and planned to have a Fillet o' fish and a garden salad. When I got there they'd run out of salads and someone had a voucher for a fillet & fries for £1.99 but I resisted!!!:D

    In the end I had my fillet o' fish, a coffee and a fruit bag in place of my usual lunchtime SF and a couple of snacks. I am planning on having pasta with quorn bolognaise for dinner and a couple of glasses of wine but should still be more or less within the plan (give or take a few calories).

    I am quite pleased with myself for not over-indulging. Tomorrow is my day off so have friends coming over for take-away, so wouldn't have been good to have too much today as well!
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  3. purplekei

    purplekei Full Member

    you go girl friend! resistance of a saint :)
  4. becca33

    becca33 New Member

    Well done for thinking ahead, and well done for resisting the temptation of a cheeseburger... mmmm cheeseburgers.....

    Keep up the good work!
  5. olivia1987uk

    olivia1987uk Full Member

    Oh no, don't talk about cheeseburgers! Lol!
  6. Tink78

    Tink78 Member

    Ah well, I suppose in that way I had it easy cos I don't eat meat so my choices were limited! ;)

    I do quite like the spicy veggie deli though and that was about 550 calories I think so avoided that. I like their fries and apple pies too though and the kids were all eating McFlurrys which looked lovely!
  7. olivia1987uk

    olivia1987uk Full Member

    I'm not going to read this post you think its counted as ok if i bike through the drive through to be healthier? Lol!
  8. purplekei

    purplekei Full Member

    lmao! :D
  9. biggirl86

    biggirl86 Postaholic/lurker!

    Don't, I'm actually starting to consider it!
  10. olivia1987uk

    olivia1987uk Full Member

    Hehe!!! I hate weekends...they used to macdonalds breakfast time :(

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