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psyllium husk capsules

yes you can i find them very useful!!
they are a natural form of fibre to help keep you regular.
sometimes i use them in tablet form but i also have them in husk form which i add to hot shakes to make a kind of porridge very nice.
tablets from holland and barrett
husks from healthspan online
I wasn't sure wether the husks would taste ok, might try them too.

Emma xXx
I use the husks in shakes and soups. I've got the capsules from Holland and Barrett but I break them and add them with the powder before whizzing up.

Without going into too much detail, they've made such a difference. From once every 10 days or so to daily, no more bloating woohoo!
So breaking them into your shakes doesn't alter the taste? I'm presuming they work faster that way too?

Emma xXx


always lurkin around!
oww im gonna try that breakin them in2 shakes... they get stuck sometimes so it puts me off taking them x
What quantity of the husks do you add to the shakes I've got some but i've not used them yet
Hi used psyillium husks in my CD shakes I used to add 2 teaspoons to warm shake and electic mixer .I found herbmoon a good on line shop for getting them think there is a guide line for how much to take in a day of something like 4 tsp but that is for when you are eating normal food.
There was a bit of difference in taste but not much ,there was a good texture made me feel like I was eating so helped me a lot .
I've read that adding the psyllium husks to the shakes makes them like porridge... am just wondering whether it does taste like proper porridge, and how do u make it? and which flavour is it best with, I'm assuming banana or vanilla?

And is there any difference in using the husks or pouring the powder out of the capsules?

And finally, I know they're meant to keep u regular, but what if you're regular anyway, it won't go the other way and make u end up spending half the day in the loo will it?? :jelous:
I've got WI tomorrow - if I take the husks now, will it work before tomorrow eve? I've not gone for a while and really need to! I don't want to be bloated and uncomfortable for WI...


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Right then, I have been to the wonderful Holland and Barrett. I honestly thought I would be deflected from it like some kind of Vampire to Garlic. But in actual fact, it was not the hell hole that I first thought it would be. Yes, there are more pills in there than in my local pharmacy, but I eventually found a nice tub of Psyllium Husk Capsules £9.99 for 200!!! Well, lets see how it goes shall we!? Very odd actually, because where I live, my local H&B is opposite Woolies and you can see the Pick n Mix! So as I came out of the H&B had a little giggle to myself that 2 months ago, I would be in between these two shops with a bag of pick n mix instead of a pot of supplements!!

Small things . . .

B x


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I often mix Psyllium husks with Marifgold swiss Bouillon Powder to make a very thick soup - even better with some tabasco (or rather a lot of it if you are like me!).

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