Psyllium Husks (tablet form) again


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I have been having a few problems so have bought these in tablet form now its recommending 6 a day 2 at each meal time. I think this may be to much. Has anyone used the tablets if so how many did you take and when?

I haven't used the tablets BB - I use the powder but the amount needed differs from person to person. The only way to discover your ideal 'dose' is to experiment a bit.

Remember, the dosage they are suggesting is for someone they think is having additional fibre in the form of veggies etc and we're not having that on a VLCD so the dose probably isn't as high as you think.

I have 6 teaspoons of the powder a day (I have 2 teaspoons in my shake and 4 in my soup) so that's probably even more than the six tabs! Even that amount doesn't have me running to the loo so I doubt if 6 little tablets will have that effect on you.

Even so, if you're a bit nervous about taking them, why not try just one each meal and see if that does the trick (remember to drink an additinal glass of water each time). If that doesn't seem to have much of an effect then increase the dose until you're happy with it.
I take 2 with 500ml of water at the beginning of the day to help keep the system moving.
I've tried taking 6 during the day but it doesn't seem to make much difference so I keep to my minimum as it works for me.
They are huge, aren't they but it helps to have a water already in your mouth to help it all slip down when you swallow.
Psyllium husks

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I use Psyllium in capsule form so that I can pull them apart for the powder. Where do you buy psyllium in powder form - I live in Gosport too. This stuff is brilliant for 'beefing up' (pardon the pun) shakes and soups.

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