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Psyllium Husks

HI , I have great problems when on CD with poo , I am totally fed up of using laxatives ( and at times even suppositories :eek:) so have been researching the best preventative . I have heard a lot of good things about Psyllium and after trying the capsules with no effect , I have found out that they are no way as effective as the husks themselves .. so I bought some . My CDC ordered them for me , as CD are now recommending them , and I paid £8 for a HUGE tub .
I tried them in a glass of orange flavoured water , which was ok , a bit like 'bitty' pure orange , but not great .. I have just had a mint choc shake and added a heaped teaspoon of the husks .. and they just seemed to disappear :) I could not tell they were there at all and they made the shake a little thicker so seemed a bit more filling :)
Just to let you know that they arent too bad and hopefully they will work for me :)
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My husband = My hero
Oh fab thanks babe!

I'm fed up of this spending half an hour waiting for nothing to happen business too!!!

Will go and get some!

Let us know of any progress lol

Hi there,
I have had both capsules they were ok, and I recently got powder.
I have the powder husks with water and put in orange flavouring too, I mix and drink straight away. Its alright, but I would like to have them with a shake. But I am unsure what to do in this case.

I hope they work for you, they work for me, but its a case of making them abit more tasty. I want to try them in a shake but worried about ruining it and wasting a shake!
When you had them with your shake did you mix and drink straight away or leave it a while to thicken up??
How did you use them in a shake?
Hope they help you :)
Ooh that's handy to know. I bought the powder and put 2tsp in a shake but a lot if kind of settled in the bottom (even though I swirled as I drank) and it got all slimy :( Never thought of splitting it between shakes/drinks (as the dose is 2 tps isn't it?). I bought the capsules last week (way more expensive than the powder version) and have been taking them for a week now.. they seem to be starting to work but i'm not giving up on my Ducloease (a softener only) just yet!
I usually put the powdered husk into a shake. I put the shake powder and the husk into a blender and give it a second to spin them together, then I add hot water to the blender and give them all a good mix. I think this is really nice and actually look forward to having it, it can sometimes get a bit slimy if I've added too much husk to the mixture but usually it turns out great. Try it and see how it goes, I've tried mixing it by hand but it really doesn't turn out that well (for me anyway)


My husband = My hero
Iv just bought some! Xx
I've just bought some too - relying on duco far too much as I just don't go otherwise
I've just bought some too - relying on duco far too much as I just don't go otherwise
me too , its really not good to take laxative regularly , much better to prevent it , I may have to take some movicol tonight coz since I have had the pysillium I have felt really 'clogged ' the thing with fibre type products are you need to make such your system is clear before starting it or it can just back up ...... so think I may be quite clogged at the mo !!!!
Time to get the plunger out ladies and "unclog" the old drains? :p

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