Psyllium Husks

Evening all - After being very excited at the thought of being able to make porridge with my packs, bulking it up with Psyllium Husks, I wanted to ask all the experts out there:

Do the Psyllium Husks have a taste?

Do you swallow the capsules or put the contents into your pack?

Thanks everyone! x
Hi Sorry to jump in. I don't know your answer but I'd like to ask a question too please. Is this something that you can use with the soups? I don't like the shakes at all.


On their own, psyllium husks to have a slight and distinctive taste (not strong - but not particularly pleasant). However, you can't taste it at all in the shakes or soups.

I've never taken the capsules but I think you just take them like tablets. Whichever method you use, remember to drink an extra glass of water to really make them work (they absorb 20 times their own weight in liquid).

Ti@ra - psyllium husks are a bulking agent / fibre that prevents constipation whilst on a VLCD (this can be a big problem for many people). You can take them powdered and mixed in with shakes to make a 'porrige' or with soups to thicken them up. Alternatively you can take them as capsules.

If you want to know how to add them to the soups then just PM me ... I don't want to bore everyone with the details again :)
Thank you both, That sounds great. I love the soups but if they were more filling they'd be perfect.