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Pukey again

Been feeling sick all day, anti sickness tablets not worked, tried my plain ommelette and had some peppermint tea and managed to go to sleep, been drinking water as well, woke up feeling worse, in desperation i nuked some baked beans (all i have im the house), ate half hoping it would stop the nausea but no havn now been sick twice, everything came back up. Beans ommelette with a minty twang from the tea. how can i make the nausea go away ? I have been feeling sick quite alot over the course of this and its getting worse? Any ideas? Am willing to try anything!
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No ive been struggling with feeling sick, the last time i rg and spoke to the pharmacist he told me to have a sandwich (which wasnt very helpful) i had a jacket potato and obv it knocked me out of ketosis, so to avoid that someone on here suggested i have something with eggs as its protein and wont knock me out of ketosis and can be quite settling on the tummy. So when i feel sick i have been eating an ommelette, no milk salt or pepper just 2 eggs in a pan, today it just hasnt worked, out of desperation i tried the beans. My pharmacy try to help but i am the only person they have had that have stuck to it for more than 2 weeks.

irish molly

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Have you considered that you may be allergic to the product? If you do not have a bug and have ruled out anything else, it may be the case that liptrim does not suit you. If the nausea continues, you should consult your GP. Get well soon.
Sorry to hear you are poorly, i hope it resolves itself soon xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi. I hope you are feeling a bit better now.
Hey just an update, feel much better today! I dont think im allergic to lt. It has been suggested i stop drinking tap water. The days i get sick are the days after i have been drinking tap water at home, when i am at work i drink evian. So have got me a big pile of evian to see if it makes a difference. It maybe be pricey but its worth it!

Thanks for everyones best wishes. X x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Gosh, sounds like your tap water may be contaminated!! It will be interesting to see if the bottled water does the trick for you. If it does you should get your tap water checked out to see if it is suitable for consumption. Glad you feel a bit better.
Try some of the the supermarkets own brand waters as they will be cheaper than Evian. Maybe buy it in the five litre containers too.
Not sure its contaminated as no one else around me is sick, just think i may be sensitive to the chemicals they put in it maybe. And yep have bought the cheaper 5ltr packs for making the shakes!

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