punkiis tattoos to symbolise the journey.


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As i said i wanted a decent tattoo to symbolise the journey of my weightloss and for ages i wanted to find something i liked well no more something i LOVED...so i had the tattoooist play round and design me my image and i had it .. took two and half hours and cost 80 squids... but i think its worth it... it has everything i love , skulls , hearts , daggers , blood , stars =D and the three word banners say LOVE LIIFE 9*2*09 the date is the date i first snapped and started my journey... i have lost over 11 stone and not gunna look back this tatt is a reminder of my journey and to inspire me to keep it up and maintain xxxx
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Love it, it looks really good!


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Thankyou :)


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Absolutely love it Kiira xxxx


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Your tattoo looks great, you must be really pleased with it.


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if fab just loke u hunny!!



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Great idea.. and wow!! your weight loss is amazing!!! :eek:

I am just about to start RC this week.. i have been given Xenical by my doctor... but have been in 2 minds weather to take them or not.. but i think you may have just made my mind up for me! :)

Are you following any diet.. SW WW RC?


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Looks fab!! xx

Blue Butterfly

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oh wow,I love that tattoo :) Only £80! See that little tattoo in my avatar? Thats on my foot so its really small and it cost me £60!! If I wanted something the size of your tat Id probably be paying in the hundreds,ggrrrr!!


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ooooh love it!!!!


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S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
hey donna marie :) i dont follow a diet alongside xenical i just stick to low fat 15g per meal and everything under 5g of fat per 100g :) its the only way i know..

and blue butterfly thankyou i do feel lucky because he is such an amazing artist and the tattoo was really cheap considering :).. your tatt is nice though so smile. xxx


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I can't work out where you've got it Kira, by the way, loving the idea of a permanent commemoration of your journey and committment to keep the weight off, seriously considering doing it when I get nearer my goal. Don't have any visible tats, just a cheeky one on my arse, a present to myself when I hit thirty. (Quite a while ago!)


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I have only just saw this thread, what a fantastic tat!:cool:


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Very cool Piink :)

I have a couple of tats on my arm (nothing quite so elaborate - I don't think I could have stuck it!!) and I was thinking of getting something small when I get to my goal weight