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Hi Ladies
Im not sure if this is the right place to post about this but was just interested to get some other peoples opinions, or to find out if anyone knows much about it .
Nutricentre - Purefect How To Get Slim Patches

I saw these advertised in a national newspaper, and they seem to be considered safe, they just supress your appetite a bit and speed up your metabolism . I am always a bit wary of things like this and I really believe in slimming world ,but my weight loss has slowed down lately so have been toying witht he idea of trying them alongside slimming world . Would be interested in anyone elses views ,, good or bad
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I think if I was going to try anything like that I'd go with the Hoodia tablets - like the ones the woman tried on Supersize vs Superskinny since they seemed to help suppress her appetite and are herbal and deemed safe, are available on the high street etc. Combining those with a healthy diet (like Slimming World) and whatnot would seem a sensible enough option if you feel you're struggling with your 'full' signals :)


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If they seem too good to be true they are! I bet they're expensive too. Don't waste your money Hun!
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well, iv tried hoodia, and they made us feel starving u have to b careful cus most of them are fakes,like the ones we had. a great slimming pill is Now Slim, you can buy it from ebay, my partner lost 3stone on it i was taking it made me shaky n sick,thats cus i didnt no i am allergic to shellfish,lol


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I have tried pink patches, to be honest they done nothing for me at all, it was a total waste of money and they are still sitting in the cupboard. I would stick with sw and perhaps do success express for a few days to give you a booster


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I think the important thing is that healthy weight loss is not an overnight process. Slow and steady does it. There is no magic pill that's going to make it all easy and quick, and deliver long term results. Your losses may have slowed down, but this could be because you're near to your own personal healthy weight, or maybe you're not eating with as much discipline as you think. I know from my own experience, as things become "habit" with SW, you get a bit complacent. I know what things I normally eat for my HexA and HexB choices, but sometimes don't realise I've had three HexB's because I just really wasn't thinking about it. Perhaps the thing to do is to keep a food diary for a week or two and really analyse what you're eating and see if there is a clue there to why your weight loss is slowing down. Perhaps shake up the variety of things you eat if you tend to eat the same things over and over again. Maybe do Success Express for a couple days to shake up your body and metabolism. I personally wouldn't pin my hopes (or spend my money) on something that claims it can do it for me, because I don't believe it can. I got myself into this mess, it's down to me to get me out of it... well, that's how I see it anyway! :eek:


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Hi guys, just wanted to say that i tried these and they actually worked really well for me. i wasnt going to try them because i tried hoodia which didnt work at all, but after reading the research on howtogetslim.com about what the purefect patches contain i ordered them, since they contain more than just appetite suppressants. They did supress my hunger and gave me energy , plus they cost me only 20 quid. i reccommend them to help alongside your diet and exercise! :) , danielle


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ONLY £20??? If there was a miracle cure to weight loss it would be sold for huge price tags, not available to all on a website! Good reviews and a few people saying they work is NOT scientific or clinical testing. What is in them that speeds up your metabolism? Exercise will speed up your metabolism in a safe and healthy way


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Well said Taz, also if there was a miracle cure for weight loss then there would be no one overweight anymore as it would be available on the NHS and we'd all be slim!!!! the fact that these patches/drugs whatever you want to call them aren't speaks volumes about their efficacy and safety

You can't undo years of poor eating habits and weight gain in a matter of a few weeks/months, weight loss on SW will slow down to 1-2lbs a week sometimes less sometimes more, no-one can expect to continually lose 4lbs+ on this plan as most of that is water anyway and not fat which is what you want to lose, losing pound and pounds of water may make you feel great when you see the numbers on the scales but it won't make you thinner, only losing fat does that.

Most of these pills just make you lose water and not much else, complete waste of money
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There is NO substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. I haven't lost weight since I started exercising but my clothes fit better. It's not just about the numbers on the scales