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  1. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    I used to post on this forum quite a bit. I started at 14 and a half stone. I got down to under 10 stone. This proved to be to low to handle, I didn't want to be obsessed with maintaining a body that took too much work and effort. Anyway I levelled at about 10 stone 8 lbs which at 5ft 9 and a size 10/12 is perfect and easy to maintain.

    I got married in May and had a fantastic 2013. I am going to Dubai in January and we decided to start trying for a baby in January. We would have tried earlier but I didn't want to go away heavily pregnant or with early morning sickness. Lots of my friends have been trying for a long time for a baby and not been successful and we read in a lot of places it can take up to 6months for a healthy couple to conceive. We went away for my birthday last month and had a moment of madness and thought we'd go for it, without discussion really. Then the day after said actually let's just wait till Jan like we said. They say it only takes once and I was shocked to learn I was pregnant. I got a positive result 6 days before I was due, I took a test as I was feeling different. After the shock we were both very happy and I did about 3 subsequent tests to double check as I couldn't believe our luck.

    I am now 5weeks6days pregnant. We go to Dubai at the end of January when I will be 9 weeks.

    I have not created a food diary to lose weight and am completely happy to gain the 20-30lbs I will gain during my pregnancy. I do know that I am still a fat person on the inside and given the chance I would eat everything in sight with a good enough reason. Being pregnant isn't about eating for 2. It is about eating healthy and giving our baby all the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive as a baby. I have never really thought about it before but everything that passes through my body also goes through the baby.

    Simply Filling - simple start - is easy to follow. No limits. I can eat when I'm hungry. But it will stop me pigging out on chocolate. I know weight watchers say they don't allow pregnant, but I know my own body and am not trying to lose weight. This plan is similar to slimming world which does allow pregnant women.

    Anyway I begin tomorrow - no one knows I'm pregnant other than my husband. We want our scan to show a healthy baby and heart beat before we tell others. It's hard to keep secret when I feel so tired and sick but I will.

    As well as the free oil each day I am also allowing myself 30g cheddar :) I'm using this as a more calcium excuse lol
    Last of all - If Wholemeal isn't available (pasta/rice) I will l use normal.
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  3. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Congratulations :) that is fantastic news. I am so pleased for you both xxxxx

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  4. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Oooh your still here!! Where can I find your diary?
  5. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    I havent really got a current diary. I just come on from time to time to nose. I reached WW goal in March last year and havent really done much since. I put on half a stone in December as I had the whole month off to eat and drink what I like and am restarting tomorrow with the half a stone to lose plus another stone tp a stone and a half to put me at 10 1/2 to 11ish stone. Im debating starting a new diary though

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  6. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    I know what you mean, I stopped posting because it became too much at the time. But I have so much going through my head right now baby wise that I can't talk to anyone about and also I think it will be useful to track food as like I said... Given the chance is eat everything in my house.

    Well done for getting to target, don't worry about the December gain. I think everyone let's go a bit around about Christmas. It's hard when your surrounded be chocolate and biscuits to avoid eating it lol
  7. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    But tomorrow is back on it. Going tp do filling and healthy. Wanted to strat last week but decided to give up smoking instead

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  8. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Just to update just done a new diary called the next instalment in the ww food diaries xxx

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  9. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    Hey Purpled. Congratulations on the baby. Must be very difficult keeping it to yourself at the moment.

    Seems a sensible plan to track food to keep you on the healthy path via simply filling.

    Are you still exercising alot? How will the baby affect that?
  10. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Congrats on quitting smoking. Great achievement.

    And exercise..... I kind of did less and less exercise after I got married. I'm a normal person now. I don't even have a gym membership. I probably do 1 run or bike per week. Then 2 DVDs per week. I managed to maintain quite well that way and still stayed toned.

    With being pregnant I need to avoid my pulse getting too high or me getting too hot. To be perfectly honest as I'm in the early stages I'm also worried about pushing too hard. I've just been walking more and gonna do some stationary biking. I'm more relaxed about it nowadays lol

    I'm ready to start now. I have a full fridge and ready to be a clean eating pregnant lady :)
  11. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Day - minus 1 - 5w7d

    So I decided my first day would be tomorrow as that's my new pregnancy week. So I will weigh in each Sunday morning :)

    I have been reading a pregnancy book, because believe me...I know NOTHING about getting pregnant, being pregnant and being a mum. I'm not really worried about the birth. I'm more concerned about returning home from hospital with a newborn baby and thinks 'now what'
    Anyway I know all my nutrition.....and I'm really wanting a runny yolk from a fried egg but I have to cook it through :(
    Anyway this book said during the first 12 weeks you don't really need to eat extra food, you just need to make good choices. But week 13 to week 40 they recommend about 300 extra calories per day. So that's a good guideline really.

    So although today wasn't my first day I did eat well. I did however forget the photographs....I do like taking photos of food, feels more like a diary.

    Toast with butter - hmm not very interesting. But yesterday I had porridge and this is gross but I kept burping it up. So I stuck with toast.

    Left over rice with chicken, lots of veg and chilli

    Salmon, sweet potato chips, broccoli and cauliflower and carrots

    Banana, apple, grapes, Greek yogurt with pomegranate, nut butter on crackers
  12. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Just had my breakfast. I made a plain egg omelette and wrapped it in a ww wrap with tomato ketchup. ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1388910549.613675.jpg
    Tastes very nice and also quick and simple.

    However the decaf coffee sat next to me....I'm kinda feeling gross about drinking it. Might have to give it a miss.
  13. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Breakfast looks lovely. Never thought of doing that before.

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  14. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    I LOVE omlettes in a wrap. I tend to dash with sweet chilli sauce. Yum yum. Food for yesterday sounds really tasty and healthy. A good start.

    I think I always presumed that every other female understood stuff about pregnancy and babies and it was just me that didn't have a clue but one of my friends announced she was pregnant in September and it was quite interesting to find out although it had been very much planned she still didn't have a clue either! You are given alot of information as time goes on though aren't you? Through health visitor, anti-natal classes etc? I am positive you will be an expert by the time the baby arrives.

    Its really good that you managed to maintain so well with dropping the exercise. Did you miss it at all? As you were very hardcore with it.
  15. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    It's kind of hard being pregnant, I can put up with the symptoms, I'm not a moaner. I really want a baby so I don't mind. However it is secret, I don't know what is normal and I've kind of turned into a paranoid person. So every time I have something new going on I look I to the internet to see if it's normal, I never thought I'd turn into that type of person.
    My main symptom has been tiredness, I always thought woman were exaggerating when it came to how tired they were. It's completely shocking, I'm back at work for 5 days next week . Over Christmas I've had a 1 hour sleep in the middle of the afternoon, I'm gonna miss that tomorrow. Plus the work toilet is 5 swipe through doors and 3min walk away, so my many toilet breaks will keep me in good shape lol

    So I'm gonna keep track of baby things as well as food/weight

    Week 6
    Now the size of a ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1388950220.956407.jpg
    My baby now has a heart beat yay :)

    I'm pretty sure it's a boy too....but that's obviously a guess.

    Today I used my actifry (wedding gift)
    It's actually quicker than the oven and although I do think it's cheating I love it.
    I made chips and threw some cloves in and mmm yummy.
    Served with chicken breast in a tomato based sauce. I can do curry/sausages and all sorts of other things in it.

    I also did a huge batch of minced beef pasta Bolagnese type sauce in my slow cooker:
    With loads if veg in. Used some for pasta for me and my husbands lunches this week. Had some on a sweet potato (lots of potato today but never mind) and the rest frozen in small pots for future work lunches.
  16. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    I also want to note.....I switched to decaf coffee when I found out I was pregnant. Tasted pretty much the same. The past 3 days the thought of drinking or smelling any type of coffee is making me feel so nauseous. It's all I'm gonna smell at work tomorrow, a while back when I got a new coffee machine, I put my old one in the work kitchen. It smells so strong. Big regret.

    I'm pretending I'm on a new year detox from coffee for one month. In the hope no one guesses, saying that before I was pregnant I didn't realise coffee was out of the menu.
  17. Atomic pink

    Atomic pink Gold Member

    January is very a good time to be telling the detox lie, that should work quite well. I LOVE the smell of coffee, generally far more than the taste of it if I am honest but it is a very strong smell. Good luck for tomorrow!

    Sounds like you've been very organised with the food today. Hopefully that will help with the tiredness. At least if you have the bolagnaise in the freezer you can maybe have an hour nap when you get in from work maybe?
  18. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Well today was AWFUL. I did go to work last week but this is my first full week back and I couldn't really be bothered.
    I woke up and felt pretty sick in the shower. I had a slice of toast again, walked to work and felt pretty fine.
    Now I know my nausea is when I am hungry....but I also have no appetite. Drinking water makes me feel ill. So....I have some crackers in my draw, cheese flavoured and not low pp but they were okay to nibble on and I felt okay.
    I went for a wee about 5 times in the morning despite only drinking half a glass of water lol.

    Afternoon was better. :) other than wanted my nap I coped well.

    This evenings food
    Salmon....broccoli, tomatoes, new potato, peas

    And I made these cute egg muffin things as snacks
    They look a bit gross on the pic but they taste good :)
  19. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Love the muffins. How did you make them? Sorry your day was awful amd at least you are eating something xxx

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  20. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Well I cooked some cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and herbs: I just wanted to get the bulk of the water out the mushrooms etc.

    Once cooked I shared it amongst 6 of the muffin holes. Then I whisked 4eggs and poured it over the mixture. I almost sprinkled some cheese over but then I felt sick wen I smelt the cheese and decided not.
    Oven cook until egg is cooked through. Kind of quiche like.

    They are really simple and nutritious. I could have added more flavour as well.
  21. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Filling and healthy too. Great snack ideas. Shame the cheese made you feel sick. Damm hormones. Do you have a date for your scan? Xx

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