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PurpleSkys weight loss bonanza!

Well hello guys i have a diary on another part of the site but seeing sw is AWESOME and its well the thing for me im starting my diary on the actual sw section of the site.

What can i say. I love it and would recomend it to anyone. My mother wishes to know about it so when i see her in a few weeks taking down my books.


I'm so very nervous. I have stuck to plan 1000% soo no worries, but i just really wish to know what i;ve lost been so tempted to go sneaky peeking on the scales in boots. But I havent and well please cross everything for me tomorrow.

Anyways you shall here lots mores babble from me.

Love and light purple:D:D:D:D:D
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Tempted to use some more syns today have used 3 so far but am kinda wanting to go get a fudge bar. Seeing its still well within actual slimming world plan i cant see why not. I'm still used to being on a diet and being able to have a chocy bar now and again. But then i suppose sw isnt a diet is a lifestyle plan.
Fingers crossed for your weigh in :cross:

Im with you, I have tried every diet going -and I was a serial WW lass -but not anymore -this was my first bash at SW(apart from a breif dalinace when I was 14 :p) and Im converted :D -you couldn't get me to swap to any other plan if you paid me;)
I do it online -although I rarely use it now so I will let it expire now I know what Im doing (and know that I can and will do it) -I got my mum the books on line last week as she wanted to give it a go after hearing me waffle on about it every day :giggle:-even though she hasn't seen me since I started ..so tomorrow is here first weigh in so i hope she has done well..
If you have the syns for it and want a fudge -why not ;)
anyway enough waffle from me... keep up the great work..and good luck for tomorrow!!
I lost

5.5 lbs


wooo hooo

nough said :D
Yeehaa,,, well done you!!! :party0011:Keep up the great work and here is to another good week :vibes:
*wanders of wondering if a finger of fudge has magic properties* :hmm::rotflmao:
Uh well hello there people still finding slimming world to be all forms of epic, though i feel my old habits resurfacing(and not the ones which made me fat that i can tell you) and it scares me tbh. I joined sw in hope i could ignore those voices as i had support and people to help me and its fab really is but i'm getting competitive with myself and horrendously obsessed :(. Gah for once why cant i do this normally. Well sw is normal and for that I thank it soo much.

I;ve been so depressed recentlym, i gained 2,5 stone after quitting the fags in November and mamaged to loose a stone myself in jan but needed some more help also me and my partner were assualted on the way home one night and suddenly i had to go to my doctor and face all this about me.

I think my heads a little over the place. But i;ve gone back to day dreaming so i think my mind is sorting itself out. Cant wait for my exercise referral to come through. Im so up for this and to be healthy and to feel happy but its scary as its been very meh for a very long time.

Sorry but needed to get that off my chest.


This time its for keeps!

Did you sneak into my head and hijak my thoughts?! Ive suffered from depression too, i get incredibly obsessed on diets to lose loads of weight and then surprise, surprise! cant maintain the lack of eating and putit all ad more back on!

Thats why i came to sw realised that i had to do something which i could keep up long term/for life? and 6 weeks in its going ok but i have to tell you yesterday i was tortured by a fudge bar, i ate half at 10 oclock last night as i didnt have enough syns for all of it!!!

So I hope it helps that there are other crazies on here....and im probably worse that you!!!!!So keep up the good work!
Thank you fay i just feel sometimes that instead of doing this sensibly the old me will take over but meh, we shall see. Though woke up feeling better today as my ass is officially smaller soo hazzar. Not doing actual measurents until the end of the month but i know its going and well yay smaller ass :D


Plodding on.......
Well done fayhamy for resisting the half of the fudge bar that you didn't have syns for.

I have found that over time, the urgency and competitiveness has subsided. That's not to say that I don't think about food (and planning what I'm going to eat) all the time but it has become less of an 'issue'. However although my losses have slowed, I'm definitely still focused and on target and losing.

I still have 'issues' to deal with (don't we all) but I feel good for doing something about my weight and so should you.

WELL DONE for your results so far and good luck.

Gail x


Plodding on.......
P.S. Capricorn - has your Mum really not seen you since you started SW ??
Well today has been a distracting day havent eaten a lot of anything as well wasnt feeling hungry not sure whats wrong this weekend feeling quite down. I think its because its been a few weeks since the attack and victim support rang on sat and well kinda bought things bac. Also had a ton of uni work today just done my ICMA and got 100% so score cant complain.

Did 15mins on my mother in laws cross trainer today and spent 30 mins sweating on the wiii lol.
Seems we all still have our issues doesn't it folks... I always liken myself to walking a tightrope... tippy toeing along doing the SW thing but Im aware that Im always 1 step away from the drop :rolleyes: -on the upside -every day I stay on plan that rope feels like its getting thicker... Im on week 42 now and as bonkers as it sounds I have never gone off plan :eek: ...I find it easier to stay on plan that to risk coming off and hoping I can get back on again if that makes sense... lets hope that our ropes keep getting thicker ladies as our bodies get thinner :D
P.S. Capricorn - has your Mum really not seen you since you started SW ??
Nope...its awful isn't it :eek:-but its such a trek back home and hubby does all the driving, then you just can't relax like you can in your own house can you -even though we love my family to bits,,, dossing about on the sofa in your jimjams isn't the same in someone elses house :p..and to be honest I really want as much as my weight off before we go back as I know that it will be much easier to keep on going then ;) ...I do talk to my mum every day though :D
sorry for hijacking your diary Purplesky..
Keep at it ..we are getting there...
Morning all i'm already getting all excited about weigh in on thursday :D lol. Hopefully my tum will be feeling a little better today so will be able to eat more then fruit and veggies.

Trying to find a nice, flavours fat free yogurt which is suitable for veggies as plain yog, fromage friase and quark(all no fat), the bitterness is making me gag and i hate sweetner so a nice fruity flavoured one would be awesome. The dairy i'm having is milk and cheese(hexa)
Well gotten some activia ones though the peach ones are 0.5 syn grrrrrrrrrrrr and thats the ones i picked up as cherry and vanilla yogurts are vile lol. Oh welll

And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm a bridesmade in july so by the end of start of june i need to be down to size 12 please :D/

That shouldnt be a problem lots of exercise 10) billion % to plan and should be sorted

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