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Pushing myself to write down what i actually eat!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by kayleigh.rebecca, 4 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    I have been referred from my gp to see a dietician over my binge eating problem. Iv been asked many times to write down everything and it scares me as I eat a lot even when being good (going to slimming world group)
    Iv decided to bite the bullet an start writing down everything :-/
    I am desperate to stop this horrible eating pattern I have. And need to lose 7 ish stone too! So here goes.

    Breakfast: yeo valley 0% Greek style yoghurt with honey. (Guessing around 2 syns) BANANA, coffee with splash of milk (A)
    Fry lite fried egg buttie on wholemeal (B)

    Lunch: slow cooker beef stew. Lean beef, POTATOES SUEDE CARROTS PARSNIPS ONION and 2 knorr extra beefy stock pots. May add a touch of smash to thicken later on.
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  3. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Stew was lovely but iv eaten nearly 3 bowls full. All free but I can't seem to help myself :(
    Had a packet of skips too (4 syns)
  4. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Tea: Chicken and some oven chips and PEAS. And a bag of mixed veg CARROTS PEAS SWEETCORN.
  5. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    So my diary last all of 2 minutes. Feeling confident today and in a good place eating wise so iv decided to do my diary. Today I lost 1 lb which brings me to exactly one stone down and a nice sticker an certificate for my fridge.
    Also want to post some now pics
    This is after 1 stone loss. 6 to go.....

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  6. marymary

    marymary Full Member

    Well done for biting the bullet, I found that I used to lie to my food diary - which is stupid, only cheating myself! It's only this week that I've been doing it really strictly and I am finding it helps.

    Like you, I binge, so I know where you're coming from.

    Good luck, keep it up! And well done on your 1lb loss :)

  7. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Thank you, I think it does help just facing it in black and white. And I'm always reading other peoples on here and they seem to do great and keep focused, so it's worth a try!
    Good luck to u too x
  8. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Breakfast- coffee and milk. Large! (A)
    Dinner- savoury rice and a ham salad. Lots of soy sauce in the rice.
    Tea- spag Bol, lots of onions mushrooms and toms.
    Having some garlic dough balls tonight as it's weigh in treat day.

    Snacks- BBQ beef deli noodles box 1.5 syns
    Muller light yog.
    Sugar free jelly 0.5
    Packet of wotsits.
    Special K chewy delight (b)

    Drank far too much coffee and Pepsi max today. Would like to cut down slowly on that!
  9. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Plan for today is get little one in his buggy and walk walk walk. It's really making a difference to my legs I can tell already.
    Food plan-
    Breakfast- banana and banana muller light.
    Dinner-savoury rice with tuna onion and cucumber.
    Tea- not sure yet, bf home tonight so need to think of something he will eat.

    Going on holiday in 7 weeks and dreading it as il be covering up constantly in cardigans and leggings. Would really like to feel a bit more confident this time.
  10. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    So yesterday breakfast and dinner was on plan. Was asking bf what he wanted for tea when he said he will bring something home after work what he fancied. Turns up with dominos!!
    Felt upset as I sat and ate it cos I actually didn't want it n it suddenly didn't taste nice at all. Only saving grace is that I didn't really eat a lot compared to what I would usually.
    Also I want to remember the feeling of being sooooo bloated and feeling sick all night where I couldn't sleep. It's crazy how eating something like that can upset ur stomach so much.

    Today is a fresh start again and I'm very proud that iv not let it take over my weekend like it usually would, back on track now.

    Food- breakfast- sf jelly and muller light and banana. ,strange but nice!

    Dinner- ham salad subway bowl with no sauce on
  11. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Had another bfast as I was hungry and would of ended up eating sh"t if I isn't make something proper.
    Linda mc sausages (free I think?)
    Wm bread (b)
    Ketchup (2)

    Coffee an milk (a)

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