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Put on half a pound


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I said next time I had a bad week I would come here and not sulk but I couldnt help myself, lol! Been sulking since Tuesday, hee hee. I stuck to red again, upped my exercise and drank at least 2 ltrs every day by put on 1/2 a pound :mad:. The only thing I did differently was to try not to eat after 8pm and I cut down a lot of what I ate and a couple of days I hardly ate. I think I slipped back into the habit of " If your not hungry on a diet its not working" well I've just proved that doesn't work. So anyway Ive been doing red for a while now and was a bit scared of going back on green. But I decided maybe my body needed a change and have gone back on green this week and have been eating loads like when I first started but I am sooooo worried I'm going to keep putting on. I know it irrational because obviously does work but I am dreading weigh in tomorrow.

Anyone got any experience in this?

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i think exercise is where people get caught out with.....they up it and then find they havent lost or have put on. i dont do excerise bar going for a walk now and again.

not eating is another place where you might not lose etc. if thats the case then get back to eating your hexs and a proper lunch/evening meal.

you dont have to swap days so if you find green really doesnt work for you then go back to reds only. you could do something like two green days out of 7 see how that does for your losses if its good then up to 3 out of 7


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I go to the gym three times a week, sometimes i sub swimming for a gym session, and i have lost every week, but i also follow the plan exactly. If you do alot of gym then you might gain...but it would need to be alot! It's more likely you're holding on to calories because you've not eaten enough. Also in this weather fluid retention is likely too. Did you do a big loss the week before? is it a star week? So many things it could be but the exercise will help firm and tone and your health will be all the better for it too.

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I found this. I was doing 1 day red, then the next green and so on for a week. The more green days I have, makes me gain weight rather than lose it.
I now try and stick to 6 red days and 1 green, but I alternate in the week when that Green day will be. It really is a trail and error thing with the days that you do.


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I would say that SW would tell you following red or green days would not make you gain weight, nor would exercising. If you gained by doing red or green then they wouldn't allow it! You will gain weight by not following the plan to the letter. That said, I try not to have green the day before WI as I feel it may bloat me up with water retention though!

So by not eating you A's B's syns and lots and lots of free food you won't lose. Follow the plan, eat well, don't ever let yourself get hungry and you will lose.

Write last week off, start afresh and lets have a cracking loss next week!!


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Thanks for your replies. I always follow the plan 110% I never cheat, I dont even do flexi syns or drink etc. I lost 6.5lb the week before and kept up my exercise and water because of the hot weather but decreased my food, so yes I think it must be the not eating enough. I didnt half come as a shock when I put on though. I promised my self that I would not cheat or drink or eat chocy etc until I lost my weight as I didnt think it would stop at one chocy bar etc, lol! so I thought it would be pretty smooth sailing but apparently not. I will try not to let myself get hungry again.


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the good thing about weigh ins like that is you are more likely to get a fantastic loss the next time lol

have a good week!

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