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Put on half a pound!

I don't understand!

I have been following the plan 100% and managed to put on this week after a STS at my first weigh in last week. My consultant has taken my food logs to see if she can see anything wrong.

Do you find that having 2 Healthy Extra A's and between 10-15 syns each day affects your loss? I wondered if I should cut out having the second HE A and reduce my syns a bit to help my loss along. On the same token I don't want to sabotage the plan either. The only other thing I can think of is that eating chinese / fish and chips within my syns allowance has contributed...maybe my body just can't cope with takeaways.

I feel like ordering a pizza right now.

Help! :cry:
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Nojo on the YoYo
You ate fish and chips? How can you measure that within your syn allowance? Fish and chip shops all give different portion sizes, and the syn count is only an approximation. Hun, don't have fish and chips, especially not on your first weeks!! Eat what the plan tells you you can eat, and eat properly. THEN you will lose.
First thing, don't have a pizza unless you want to count it. I put on in my first week, but if you give up now, there's no way you're going to lose weight.

I had 10-15 syns every day and all my healthy extras and did lose weight, albeit slowly. I notice from your stats that you're already at a healthy BMI, and whatever you believe in BMI values, it does mean that it's a bit tougher to lose weight at this stage.

What kind of days have you been having? It might just be that your body needs some time to get used to it, or the ones you picked aren't best suited to you.

Keep the motivation up, and start this week afresh!


Strutting her stuff
You don't have very much weight to lose till you reach target so maybe cutting back a bit would help get things moving again if you've already tried all the usual advice. Or maybe you've just reached your natural weight ;)
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I've decided I will have pizza tonight and I will flexi-syn it and get straight back on plan tomorrow. I know it means I may not lose weight this week but on the other hand I won't have another take-away this week so maybe it will even out - here's hoping!

With the fish and chips I weighed the chips and had fish without batter (my chippy does it for me) so this is what I meant by 'within my syns'. I must admit that I didn't weigh the chinese portions so maybe that was an issue, especially if our chinese takeaway has bigger portions than elsewhere.

As you say, it may be that I've just reached my natural weight. On the plus side I'm eating healthily and this is a way of eating I know I can keep up for life. As long as I don't underestimate the syns in takeaways and don't have them too often surely it must work?!
With regard to the days I am doing, it tends to be a mix of Green, Original and Mix 2 Max. I did one Extra Easy day in my first week but haven't done one of those this week. Does it make a difference?

Try not to be too disappointed its a just mild set back but as previously mensioned you have a good bmi so you will find it very hard to lose the weight.also syns can be very confusing but especially in the first fews i would try and not use your syns for takeaways as they probably contributed especially the fish and chips as on a red day a standard portion of chips 27 syns and on a green day 17.5 goodluck with the rest of your journey

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