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  1. AmethystWitch

    AmethystWitch Full Member

    Hi all! :)

    A few years ago, I was 17stone 9lbs. I went to see a dietitian and she helped a lot with my food portions etc She also sent me to the gym, on an exercise programme, which was great! I managed to get my weight down to a steady 11stone 1-3lbs, which I was happy with but I think I got a little disheartened with my loose skin :( I imagined myself as slim, toned and fit and now I'm just all saggy :( It's not so bad that I have a big hanging belly, like I've seen before on people, it's just I guess I felt the more weight I lost, the more skin would sag!! So I just slowly started getting into bad eating habits again and now I'm 11.13 :S I still go to the gym twice a week, so it's definitely the food that's the problem, I want to get back down to 11 stone, as I was happier then and my clothes are getting kinda tighter now! :eek: So I thought I'd pop back on here for some support and motivation!! ;) Hope everyone else on here is doing well :)
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  3. StepUpFairy

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    Heya Amethyst!

    I decided to log back on here after over a year away :eek: I achieved my goal of getting down to 9st 5lb, realized it was a bit too much on me/was hard to maintain easily, and settled at being 10 stone exactly.
    Have near enough managed to keep on the maintenance path till now, but my weight has gone up/down from 10st 5lb to anywhere up to 10st 10lb - where I think I am now, need to properly weigh!

    So thought I'd dust off my log in and come back for all the advice and inspirational stuff, and to help me stick to some kind of solid plan.

    Admittedly I only have like 10lb or so to lose, just need a kick to actually do it for good! :rolleyes:

    RE: the excess skin - it DOES suck! *hugs* even at my lowest weight I had a bit of a belly which was damn disheartening after trying so hard :mad: have you/did you try any specific exercises or one of those tightening cream/lotion things? Not sure if they'd be any help.

    I need to get back into regular exercise again and am going to keep an eye on my diet too. Maybe would help you keeping a rough food diary on here?

    Good luck Amethyst, you did it once and am sure you can do it again! :crazy:
  4. AmethystWitch

    AmethystWitch Full Member

    Thank you for the support! :) My weight hasn't budged yet, still the same! Urgh :S It's clinging to me lol When I first started the exercise routine etc Loose skin never even entered my mind at all! Don't know why, no one seemed to mention it being a possibility, I do weights and am doing specific ones for bingo wings lol but they're still hanging :S lol Will keep up the work and the food diary may help, thanks! :)
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Loose skin definitely seems to be the number one fear that people worry about when they have a fair amount to lose - you see threads about it on here a lot. The truth is that there's not really a lot you can do about it, if it's going to happen it will. There are things you can do to help, like losing slowly, doing toning exercises etc., but nothing really seems to help if you've got the sort of skin that's not going to shrink back. Mine wasn't too bad until I got to my target weight and below, and whilst it's not as bad as some cases you see in the media, it's still pretty unsightly on my legs and arms in particular. But the important thing is that it's far better to have a load of saggy, wrinkly skin that it is to have the 150lbs of excess fat that I started out with, so I really do see it as a badge of honour, and would urge you to do so as well! :) xx
  6. AmethystWitch

    AmethystWitch Full Member

    That's definitely true! :) Thanks! :)

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