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put weight on?


I will be skinny again!!!
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your weight will fluctuate constantly!!

And the more you weigh yourself your going to set yourself up for disappointment!!

What till you weekly weigh in!!


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Its best to keep to the ones you use for wi,
something to look forward to every week.


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Bin the scales!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scales are your enemy!!!!!!!!!


on the up lol
Step away from the scales

Dont use them , just stick with the 1 u use at wi,
also the weight diff, could be any think .... holding a lil water ( which would go in no time )
or the scales are broke , if u wait for the weekly wi you will have a better suprise :D:D:D

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pick up your scales go outside to the bin and throw them away

Your weight fluctuates throughout the day/week you need to contentrate on the diet its hard enough without constantly getting on the scales and obsessing about your weight find something else to focus on
sorry if i sound harsh but its the truth

PS you will look forward to your wi

keep up the good work

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
ha ha I weigh myself all the time, I don't care that you're not meant to it spurs me on during the week, this week I maintained, my pharmasist reccomended coming in twice weekly to weigh and keep myself on track!!
Quite interesting how weight changes throughout the week x


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Now I am doing W8 I have to weigh myself at home, so it is tempting to step on the scales from time to time. I have had a 5lb difference between an evening and a morning. But at weigh in day, the time I weighed and the difference it was is what was important.

But getting hooked up on fluctuating weight is not good. All sorts of factors will mak you weight jump up and down, water, bowel movements etc. Don't stress about it just look forward to weigh in day :)

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