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Putting on weight on Lipotrim ??

Hi all
I know this may sound stupid but it seems i have put on weight – i am lucky as my scales say the same as the chemist ones which is great i know i shouldn’t be jumping on the scales everyday but when i wake up i just weight myself

well since my WI on Monday i have put 1 & half pounds on nearly 2, i just don’t understand as i am weighting myself 1st thing in the morning and not after drinking loads i just don’t understand i am drinking 3-4 litres of water and having my shakes maybe 2-3 coffees a day that’s it – any ideas ?
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I will do this!!!
How do you know youv put weight on? do you weigh yourself at home??
Yes - when i had my 1st WI i weight myself at home then went to the chemist i was spot on the same on their scales again on monday i weighted myself at home before i went and again was the same on their scales so i am happy to believe mine are right and they say i am 12stone 2lbs but on monday i was 12stone 7oz - this doesnt make any sense

feel really down as i am not eatting doing everything by the book have exercised a little thats all


I will do this!!!
This is exactly why you shouldn't weight yourself between weigh ins. There is no possible way you can put weight on doing LT (unless you cheat !!) Not all scales are the same, mine were saying the same as the WI's but now they're different. If i were you id stay away from your scales and only get weighed at your official WI
Thanks Pizzle i understand that but my scales said 12stone 7oz on monday as well now 12s 2lbs
do you think this could be water retention or the need for #2 havent been for a number of days??

sorry to be a pain


I will do this!!!
Iv had terrible problems with #2s!! i get blocked up very quickly and if i can give you one piece of advise it would be....dont leave it too long to go, and if you cant go get some dulcolax to help. I didnt go for a week then fainted and had really bad stomach pains. Not trying to worry you but just dont leave it too long before you intervene.

Anyhoo....do you weigh yourself at the same time as your WI??
Also like i said theres no way you can put weight on unless you cheat so i would put my money on the fact that you havent "been" yet :)


I will do this!!!
P.s your not a pain :) thats exactly what this forum is for. Im always asking 100's of questions!!
I've worried about that too actually -I haven't been very regular but have went -and my scales register a full 2kg more! And -no -I haven't cheated!!! I know there's no way you can gain -the calorie deficit should take care of that right? But what if?! I'd just die! Seriously -after a week of LT 100% to go get weighed and either stay the same or gain -I couldn't take it! I just couldn't -the very thought fils me with dread.

Guess I should get gluggin the water and just trust that I HAVE to have lost weight.
Thanks Pizzle - i have taken some dulcolax this afternoon so awaiting for them to work ... i wont leave it too long don't worry i am think it is because i need #2 sorry tmi - dont worry i am stepping away from the scale my Wi will be tuesday this week so i am not going near scales till WI promise


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I did the same... :eek:

A few weeks ago I weighed myself using the Boots scales and it said that not only had I put on weight- but my fat percentage had also gone up by 3% in a week. I found this really destructive as I felt really down. When I went for my official WI I had lost 3lbs! From then on I didn't bother until after I had been to see the nurse (posted a couple of weeks ago). She had to weigh me as part of the consultation and I wasn't going to go with what she had said until I went for my WI and I had indeed lost 7lbs! I would suggest (same a pizzle) that weighing yourself everyday can only lead to either elation or self destruction- and either way you can never be sure as it's the official WI that gets written on your card xxx
Yeah I remember that Medea -thats right! My scales are getting dumped! They're only cheapies bt £3 is a lot to pay for soul destruction let me tell ya. Mine registered a 2kg gain and I lost 6lbs at WI today!!

I need to break the habit of weighing myself so I am dumpin their ass. Join me ladies! It'll be like burning our bras! hurrah!!!
blimey if I burned my bra everything would move south lol

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