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Putting on wieght after SS?

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
I've heard that exercise can make you retain water, also remember muscle weigh's more than fat....

Sorry can't be much more help than that, hope this helps though?....



The 4-5 lbs could possibly be glycogen.....as you were sole sourcing your glycogen stores would have been depleted, I assume now you are eating carbs?

Also Fuzzy is right, excercise can make you hold onto a little more water than normal.

Yeas im eating as normal... i go jogging for about 1.2 miles and also skipping for 15 mins a day. Maybe its the muscle and water intaake..
Aww thnaks Coley! i was gttting so worried..thinking of going on SS again for a few weeks? But i heard its so difficult second time around... XxxX


It is more difficult 2nd time round (or 112th as it seems for me!!) simply cause the "I'm sooooo fat I have to sort this!!" panic isn't there so much.

If you go back to SS, that few lbs will come back off but I'd advise doing the maintainance as it's designed to slowly fill up the glycogen stores so you don't get the gain you've experienced.

have fun!!

Yeah i was thinking of doing the maintenance too...i just hope that i can atleast stick out strict sole sourcing for atleast a week and then do maintenance-but nw just discovered that we are all going out on thursday night-FOOD ATTACK :(:(:(!


Sole source....for a week??? can't be that much to lose then. I'd just stick with what you are doing and get rid of it the normal way. Sole source is rather extreme for a lb or 2!!

Plus...you can't do SS when BMI 25 or below. You can start burning muscle. Its not a good idea!! espeically when you are into your running and stuff.


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