Putting tfr on hold.


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I'm doing this with a heavy heart put remaining positive as I feel good on tfr and I know I can do it when I'm better.

I am getting a lot worse as the day goes on, my breathing is gone after a few steps or conversation as my voice is gone and whispering is tiring me out because my husband is practically deaf.

I have to take meds and want to use cough mixture as well.

I just think my body needs nutrients and vitamins from the ''F'' word right now so I hope to get over this and be TFR again by next week.

Thank you all so much, I feel I'm letting down the show by doing this but I know as part of getting my attitude to food and what I percieve to be ''failure'' is also key to getting healthy and keeping the weight off.

Wishing you all the best. Is it ok if I keep checking in to boost you on and keep myself motivated to go TFR when i'm better.

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Aww Hun, hope u feel better soon. N u r not letting urself or anyone down at all. Don't think like that at all. U can't help bring poorly. I had to do same a few weeks ago due to pneumonia n had nearly 3 weeks off!
Once u feel better, ur head will b in the right place n u will b able to concentrate on LT better!
Take care.


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I think you should always listen to what ur body is telling you its just not the right time for you on this plan but that is not failing you or anyone else your looking after your health and that is the main thing.
Some weight loss plans are not for everybody I tried slimming world and that played havoc with my body with the only meat on day and carbs on another day you have to do what suits you
Hope you feel better soon


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Hope you feel better soon. The main thing is to get well and have yourself healthy so you can restart! Take care of yourself!! xox


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Whenever I wasn't well over Xmas, I stuck to high protein foods and vitamins etc to try to stay in ketosis for as long as possible. Ultimately at the end, I enjoyed my Xmas, but perhaps if you're careful you can help avoid having to go through week one of ketosis again (which I think we all can agree is a nightmare).

Sorry to hear you're not well, and hope you're feeling better soon.


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Sorry to hear that you are not well. Take care of yourself and get better soon.


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Hope you feel better soon, you are not letting yourself or anybody else down you are doing what you need to do what is right for you at this moment in time there is no good in making yourself more ill.

Come back to LT when you feel better and all refreshed, wishing you a speed recovery :D:D:D


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Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself and I'm sure you'll be back on TFR with the rest of us soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x