Pysllium Husk


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I'm asking for my mum a IBS sufferer, as I've heard its good for IBS.

What are the carbs and calories per serving?

Where can I get it from?

Do you mix it into your shakes?

Does it have any taste/aftertaste?


Don't know about the calorie or carbs in P/Husks, but I do know that your allowed take it on CD SS, so its obviously neglible, you can get them in any Healthstore, I personally prefer the capsule form, no taste etc, like eating two weetabix in tablets. Never tried the powder form, so somebody else will have to help you there

Psyllium husks: pure whole PH contain NO carbs and NO calories so are fine to take on and VLCD.

They're great for people with IBS as they're not abrasive like bran fibre.
Here are some links with info and where to get them online in powder form or as capsules.

Healthspan - great reputable online company.

and if you prefer the idea of capsules, Holland & Barrett sell them -here's the link &CID=15&Page=4

In powder form, you can make a porrige out of them by making up a shake with 300 - 350ml of very hot (not boiling water).
Pour into a bowl and sprinkle on about 2 dessertspoons of PH powder (experiment til you get a consistancy you like).
Stir briskly with a balloon whisk or fork until the lumps have gone and it's a smooth consistancy.
I sprinkle cinnamon on mine for an extra 'wintery' taste.

HTH :)
i tried the porrage wasnt sure about it, can you add some to ur soup might be nicer i thought? any one else tried that ?
added to soup - disgusting.

I have never add the loose husks to anything warm/hot, I take the capsles instead. I only use them (the loose husks) with cold shakes.
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You can put them in cold shakes - I've done that. It's an 'acquired' consistancy and some might not like it (I love it) ... it turns out a bit like a cereal-y health drink. The secret when you're having it cold is NOT to use too much: you still want it to be thin enough to drink.

I also use it in soup and love it - to me it's like a thick broth (like lentil soup). I suppose it's horses for courses - a very individual thing. Some people don't like PH in with their packs, others do. :)
I loved it in soups, and it was extra filling too, couldnt have it in shakes, blurgh!!!!

I got it from my local independent health food shop, it was only 3 quid for a big bag.

Deffo worth it, I even use it now ive stopped x
Ive just bought some Holland & Barret Psyllium husks in tablet form. It says take 2 tablets three times a day about 30 mins before meals. I havent re started CD yet but thought id give them a go in preparation. So, when i do restart CD do i still take this dosage? or should i cut it down to 1 tablet twice a day?
Also i had really bad stomach ache and cramps last night...not sure if it was the tablets dissagreeing with me?

Any advice welcome xxxxxx
The dosage on the pack is assuming you're on a 'normal' diet with food that contains a degree of fibre: VLCDs lack that level of fibre so don't reduce the PH dosage.

The tablets won't have 'disagreed' with you as such - they're a very natural form of fibre (and gentler than bran for example) but if your bowels aren't used to them then it may take a day or two for you to get used to them.

When I'm fully SSing, I have four dessertspoons of powder in with my packs (2 X twice a day) and as they're IN with my packs, they provide bulk WITh my 'meal'.

The reason they suggest taking the capsules half an hour before a meal is because it's assumed you're going to be eating a meal that has bulk and having both at the same time would fill you up excessively. But as you're only having a shake, soup or bar, I would say you don't need to take them half an hour before but can take them at the same time (plus a large extra glass of water afterwards).
Thanks Russiandoll xxxxx
Is psyllium that good!!
I like just a tsp in soups - pour soup in bowl, add the stuff then use hand whisk. I find that if I use the hand blender it goes lumpy. Toffee and walnut is nice with 2 or 3 tsps - done same way - its like a semolina porridge type thing.
Psyllium in Soup that jus sound wrong but i guess you have to taste it first!!
Just a teensy bit to make it a teensy bit thicker - doesnt taste of anything - but not too much or it would be like gruel(creepy!) or even worse a great gelatinous fleshy lump that you can't even get down the plughole (trustme, been there done that ...)
I buy it from Healthspan for £7. The 300g tub does last a long time as you really can't use too much of it at once...well you can use too much, but you wouldn't enjoy it and would quickly learn to use less.

I use it in my shakes, blended in a proper blender with ice. I use about 1 heaped teaspoon per shake packet (I usually mix two packets at a time) and the tub will last for about 3 weeks.

It works out to about 30p a day, which is a small price to pay for the intestinal benefits and the enjoyment of rich satisfying shakes. If I ever reach the point where I find 30p a day too expensive then chances are I won't be able to afford CD packs anyway and will be on regular (cheap) food.
I think you can get it on the net for about £6.50 and sometime it goes for half price!!