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Quark!! anyone got recipes?


On A Mission!
I have just discovered Quark, it has to be one of the best hidden diet secrets of all time!

High in protein and calcium and ultra low in calories, a 250grm tub of contains about 180 calories, has about 35g of protein and pretty low in carb too at 10 carbs for the tub, at 70p a tub its a no brainer. Tesco sell the brand Meadow Churn and is found on the cheese section.

I bought some because i saw it mentioned in someones thread, but wasnt sure what to do with it, on its own its pretty tasteless, so takes on other flavours very well.

My first attempt with it was with tinned tuna in brine, drained. I drained a 185grm tin of tuna which results in 130 grm of tuna at 130 cals, beat that into the quark, added some chopped onion and a pinch of chilli flakes, a little salt and pepper. This makes a big portion with only 320 calories in all, i could only eat half of it. As it was like that, it was like a creamy savoury tuna pate/dip. I ate some raw which was very nice, i then cooked some in 2 halves of a red pepper, but actually found the red pepper a bit rich with it. When it had cooled i picked out the cooked tuna/quark mix from the other half of red pepper and it was delicious, with a consistency a bit like sausage meat, so i will cook the other half of the portion on its own for my dinner tonight, probably shape it into a burger/fishcake shape and grill or bake it. So that made 2 meals for 160 cals each.

Today i went back to Tesco and bought another tub, this time to make something sweet, so lemon cheesecake seemed like a good plan. I have no recipes to work with so it was a bit trial and error, but i juiced a lemon and added the grated rind from half the lemon, beat that into the quark with a couple of drops of vanilla essence and 4 teaspoons of tate and lyle fruit sugar. You could use sweetener, but i hate artificial sweeteners and the fruit sugar is a low GI sweetener anyway, so 4 teaspoons was about 60 calories. The resulting mix totalled 250 calories and filled 2 good sized ramekins. I ate one as it was, made a very creamy lemony soft cheesecake mix, the other ramekin i put inside a cereal bowl with hot water to make a bain marie and put it in the oven to bake for 30 mins on medium heat. The baked one was really really good when i let it cool down, and i would recommend eating it baked. 2 good size portions of delicious cheesecake for 125 cals each!

Has anyone else got recipes for Quark? I cant believe that people are not shouting this from rooftops, its amazing stuff!
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Quark is nearly impossible to eat on its own, disgusting. I use it mainly as a creamy yoghurt, but since you don't like sweetener you could try mixing it with berries instead, still low cal. If you add water (some also use milk) into the mix it turns into a milkshake :D. If you're not too bothered about calories you could just mix it with some jam.

My fave trick is to mix quark with orange sweetener and low cal cocoa powder, tastes like orange chocolate.
This is interesting, I tried using QUARK with my hubby yesterday when we followed a WW recipe, and it was not good, really not that nice at all, though the pic of the tagliatelle dish we got from the ww mags they give out at meetings, actually looked really tasty :(

The QUARK just came out all lumpy what did I do wrong?

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