I will do this!!!
its very thick, thicker than philli and yogurt


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same consisitency as the lumps of cottage cheess all mashed together. Comes in a tub the same shape as marge/spread etc and has blue and white lid xx


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I would say it's closer to Philly than to yoghurt. Thicker than fromage frais, anyway.
I love it, and it's great for adding to things like mashed potato to really make it creamy (and for free!)
In my supermarket, they keep it in the section with the cottage cheese, Philadelphia and other soft cheese type things. It looks like this:


Good luck!

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I think I may just start a Quark fan club - it's great stuff! xx


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Yep its yum!! I can rarely find it, yet when I have my shopping delivered it always comes - so I must look in the wrong place!!!


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Could you use it to make a pasta sauce? I bought some from Tesco's but have had it in the fridge just waiting to be used.


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Could you use it to make a pasta sauce? I bought some from Tesco's but have had it in the fridge just waiting to be used.

I'm pretty sure you could, yes - you'd just sub it for the cream, or whatever. Actually I made a *gorgeous* soup with it yesterday, and in the evening I made up some pasta and mixed it in with the left over soup, put a bit of cheese on top (from my A-Hex) - I honestly felt like I was eating something extremely naughty and decadent, but it was all free food!

I am definitely in that Quark fan club with you, Devon_Dumpling!


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Same consistancy as cream cheese, but it's Fat Free and so versatile, I get mine from Tesco.


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I can get it in asda or sainsburys not tried any other shop yet.

I like to mix it with equal amounts of fat free natural yoghurt, it makes a great creamy filling for a roulade or similar, ooo may try on a meringue nest later with some raspberies :D


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In asda it's next to where the cottage cheese and soft cheese is kept. Not happy when OH got in yesterday after going to asda from work as they'd ran out of quark and cottage cheese :cry:

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it went grey when I tried to use it as a pasta sauce, but I love it with added mackerel or smoked salmon on a red day to apply to pagen krisprolls!
If you mix your HEa Laughing Cow into it, it doubles your allowance! Add garlic and it makes quite a good dip.
Most things need to be left overnight to take on the taste though otherwise quark on it's own is very sharp and yukky!