but you can call me Toni!
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Salmon pate is yum..

Just whizz two cans of salmon (remove skin and bones first), a tub of quark, lemon juice and salt and pepper until smooth and you have syn free salmon pate (I always add Philly light to make it extra delicious)..

Today I made the following with quark..

Make a packet of pasta and sauce as instructed with water.. Whisk some quark ad a couple of eggs with salt and pepper and pour over the pasta in a flab and chuck in to the oven... Yum.


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if you add sweetener to it it makes a lovely cream!


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If you have a sweet tooth you can mix a packet of options hot chocolate powder into it and it makes a type of dessert and you can even use that as a topping on an Alpen light cereal bar base - voila, cheesecake!

Also I'm sure I read a recipe for a swiss roll on this site that used quark..can't find it now but I found this recipe instead


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I love it with pasta, smoked salmon, fried courgette, mushroom and red onion with lots of black pepper! nom!