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  1. Sammy84

    Sammy84 Full Member

    So I have started a diet- then stopped. Then had a kick up the butt. Then stopped.

    This time i have a new energy- I am about to turn 25 next week and this is the last birthday i plan to be overweight! enough is enough. PLUS
    in 12 months time (sept 10th 2010) I will be getting married to the love of my life and i want to look and feel amazing and confident as a bride!

    So tonight is where it stops, there is 3 squares of dark chocolate in my fridge which i am going to have with a cup of tea when i get home and then thats it- the cupboard and fridge will be spared of all WRONG foods :)

    I am cycling to work everyday, and trying to swim everyday (I live in turkey which makes this easier) and i am planning to take up more walking.

    WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING this xmas time in the UK is spurring me on, please keep everything crossed for me, Your support will really help!!!

    Love Sammy :eek:
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  3. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ooooh hello!

    Your getting married!!! was 16st 7 when i stared dieting in january!!! and my goal is 12 st!!!

    good luck with your journey hunny

    luv katie

    ps.. enjoy the chocolates hehe
  4. Sammy84

    Sammy84 Full Member

    Hey there thanks both of you for your comments :)
    This is the first diet in my life where its NOT extreme for a change lol
    I realised that they dont work so this one is purely watching WHAT i eat, my portion size and exercising everyday so i hope it works!! And i have the best focus- thinking of the big white dress :)

    Thanks again for your comments they mean alot
    Sammy x

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