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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Angela83, 10 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    I know I'll find out tomorrow at my WI but just wondered- I'm on my 810 week just now and starting SS again on Fri. Are bars allowed from the start? or do I have to wait till I'm in ketosis like when I started this diet?
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  3. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    ooo i was wondering whether you come out of ketosis on the 810 week so i would love to know this too :)

  4. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    You should still be in ketosis, so bars would be fine... I kept eating bars even when I had slipped out of ketosis and was making a mini re-start, and it seemed to work fine for me. Not sure what the official line would be though!

  5. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Ok thanks, Dont think I've stayed in ketosis this week but haven't tested, just havent had that horrible death breath! Its supposed to be my final 810 day tomorrow but I think I might start SS, feeling guilty after not being 100% today after-and thats an understatement, could probably class it as a binge, I've been 100% all week then cheat the day before WI-why?! tomorrows a new day though. I'm sure I'll have put on this week and looking forward to getting back to SS in a way.
  6. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    I had same sabotage issues on 810, but chose to stay with it and face them... for me, food was where all the scary stuff lay! It meant slower losses but it did help me in the long run. I still feel it's like one step forward, two steps back, but as long as I am learning and trying to understand I think it's OK. If we've had food issues for a long time, it is hard to just step away from them... they have a tendency to follow! I think you've done great on 810 and you will have given your body a boost and a little kick-start, so carry on with whichever plan you feel is best for you right now. And well done!

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