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Query regarding Cambridge diet


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Not strictly no.
However my CDC says she has a client who has all bars and loses weekly
She has pointed out to me that the chewy bars have 10g more carbs in them than the shakes and soups but the crunchy bars have the same amount of carbs but do have a few more calories but nothing major to make a difference. So she says it's ok to have more if the crunchy bars but not more of the chewy ones.
I avoid the chewy ones now I know they have loads more carbs in them!
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I suppose you would still lose weight on only the bars but I think your only allowed them after the 2nd week on SS. You'd have to contact a CDC to confirm x


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As far as I am aware you wouldnt be able to do all bars until you had completed at least 2 weeks with the shakes and soups etc - have you actually tried the shakes? I'm not a fan of the soups at all, and find the powder shakes pretty unbearable too but love the tetras in fact thats all I have! Also what about the porridge? as that may be an alternative to get you through the first few weeks before you can move onto the bars - good luck with whatever you decide x
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Thanks for all your advice. I have been on another VLCD for the past 6 weeks very sucessfully( almost 2 stone gone) . however they have changed then texture and taste of the 1 savoury mealpack I was surviving on quite happily. Now I can't bear the taste of it. I have tried many VLCD in the past but could never stick with them due to my adversion to shakes and soups. Ideally I dont want to take bars as they often make me crave more sweet things but I feel they might be my only alternative as I would hate to stop now when I am half way there. I might give the CD counsellor a ring and perhaps give the tetras a go.
Thanks for all the help


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I hate the shakes and soups - I live on chocolate tetras (don't mind the banana, not tasted the strawberry) and I love them! Really gorgeous! I have one bar a day for lunch - peanut or mint choc, which are also lovely, so I'm quite happy now. I prefer LL shakes, but I just can't stand the powdery texture of CWP shakes and soups, there also seems to be a chemical taste to me. The chocolate tetra I would happily drink even if not on this diet, as I would the bars. I don't usually like chocolate milk or anything like that either!

Sure you will be fine, and the best thing is that the tetras and bars mean you can do this anytime, anywhere, which is a definite bonus!


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I would avoid just bars, whenever I have had more than one a day I can guarantee rumbling stomach and lots (and I means lots) of wind. I can't stand any of the sachets (haven't had one since day two) so live off tetras. They were a bit sweet at first but your tastebuds quickly adapt. They are also great blended with ice (a bit like a MacDonalds thick shake).


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S: 13st12lb C: 12st6.5lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 1st5.5lb(10.05%)
I get a rumbly tummy from just one.....however, a couple of friends who are also doing Cambridge don't suffer this at all. I think it just depends on the individual. On the odd occasion where I have 2 bars per day, I can't say the rumbly tum was anymore rumbly!! So maybe it wouldn't be any worse with 3?
I'm not usually one for a sensitive tummy but at least with the bars having this effect it keeps things regular!!!!


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I pretty much lived off the mix-a-mousse during SS, where you whisk the mousse powder into the shake so it sets. I really liked them as they could make a shake last for a while. Strictly speaking that's another 2-week wait thing but if you spoke to a CDC (and especially as you've been following a VLCD up to now) I wouldn't have thought they would make you wait. Good luck
what about having the choc shakes as hot choc? vanilla in coffee?

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