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Hi guys

I am on refeed this week.. and am not liking it all... would rather be back on shakes.. wedding is sat.. so I was thinking of going back on shakes x 3 daily again...

Will I loose the super duper amount in the first week again does anyone know????.. now that I am out of ketosis...

For those wanting to eat..... advice is DONT! I actually got sick yesday after eating 2 slices of WW bread.. my stomach doesnt feel the same... and you have to go back to shopping, cooking, cleaning pots, and watching what you eat and how much of it.. blah blah.. see boring already...... and you miss the excitement of weighing yourself and clothes getting bigger on you... :0(
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i dont think u will lose a big amount the first week as most of it was water the first time around, thats assuming ur still drinking water as normal.

good luck

x x
I know exactly what you mean, I started re feed today, and I dont like the feeling- and Ive not even had a meal yet!!!! First one at tea time. I normally have my last shake about 10pm, the yummy choc one, I am really going to miss it!! I could have quite happily stayed on the shakes, but we really do need to start getting into the correct eating habits again, i think this will be the hardest part of the journey!!

Like you said, it was such much easier on the shakes, not having to worry about weight gain, deciding what to eat..........., life was so much simpler!!! And I too will miss the dramatic weight loss.

How far are you on re-feed? Good luck

ooppps sorry clare... we always think the grass is greener on the other side!

Liz I am on day 5 ... was gona try and just eat on sat but afraid so I did a week refeed... I also am forgetting to eat cas the hunger hasnt kicked in yet..

the only thing I am enjoying is the odd can of diet coke instead of litres of water..


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Well my first week on LT on my first time around i lost 11lbs.
This time around i lost 9.5lbs.
But that was probably due to the fact i was almost 6st heavier than when i started first time around. :)

You most probably will get a 'big' loss but dont go thinking just cuz youll get a big loss it means you can eat rubbish this week - you'll learn nothing else :)
i was looking forward to starting refeed in a few weeks time until reading this lol xx
Me Too! I am re feeding from Friday as I'm going away for the weekend next week. All I have been thinking about is a chicken salad with balsamic vinegar. Hopefully we'll feel different (but its not looking likely).


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If you follow the refeed sheet to the letter you cant go wrong, thats what its there for :)

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