Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by suziefloozie, 19 July 2014.

  1. suziefloozie

    suziefloozie Well-Known Member

    Dear all, when the packs arrive, does it say slim n save on the box? Trying to keep it quiet but a family will 've in when it's delivered.
  2. Eclipse

    Eclipse Well-Known Member

    No, its a completely plain box, nothing on the outside to say who its from, or whats in it x
  3. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Well-Known Member

    No it does not give anything away as to what is in the box.
  4. krazzed

    krazzed Well-Known Member

    So this this where you've been hiding g suzie. .. I too have decided to move over from cambridge haha. My box arrived today and I'm already impressed with the products

    total loss = 39 lbs

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