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Question about 1st GPs app

Hi all,

Hope you dont mind me picking your brians! :D I have my first GPs appointment today, I shall be asking him for Xenical/Orlistat, how long did it take you from your first GP appointment until you got the tablets? Did you have to get refered to a weight management clinic? I want to to start on these ASAP, I have alot to lose :cry:
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I think it depends very much on your GP. Some like to see that you can lose weight yourself first, to show commitment, others don't seem to insist on this. I got mine straight away, no questions asked. Good luck!

KB x
The first time I asked for Xenical, my Dr refused and referred me to weight management ( I was over 21st at the time). I was so not amused :rolleyes::rolleyes:lol However I did go to weight management, and it did help for a while, but I was still yo yoing weight wise, so went back to my GP ( seen a different GP though), explained everything, about how my weight made me feel etc and I came out of that appointment with a prescription for the tabs ( at this point I was still over 20st).
Like Kitty says though, all GPS are different, even within the same practice :rolleyes:
Good luck xx
The Weight Management scheme wasn't run by my Drs, it's run by my local health board and is hospital based ( my local health board is Greater Glasgow and Clyde) and as far as I know there are similar schemes in other parts of the country, but I'm not sure where :)


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hi there, i got xenical last week from the docs. i know YEARS ago i was told that i could be a candidate for it, but was told to lose.. i think 5 pound or 5 kg (cant remember) in a month to show i was committed. however i went this week, following being diagnosed with PCOS. i advised them that i knew my health was at serious risk with my weight, and that i wanted some help with it. i told him that i had researched xenical/orlistat and knew it wasnt a miracle diet pill (i really genuinely thought it was til i researched it and looked at peoples threads on here) but that it was a helping hand to stay on track - i call it my willpower pill. :D
my BMI was pretty much approaching 50 as you can see from my ticker below, and he prescribed 4 weeks worth. i have to go back after that to see if i have lost any and then he will prescribe another 4 weeks.

it does depend on doctors but i think it helps if you explain that you understand what xenical does and how you think it will help you.
Thanks for your replies. Just got home from my GP's. He tried to prescribe me Reductil!!?!? Think he is a bit behind the times as its now been withdrawn. So he has given me 4 weeks worth of Xenical. Im happy with that.
I had no problem getting my prescription either and I didn't even go specifically asking for it.

I think it probably depends on what kind of weight management programmes your health board runs. I wouldn't think there were any in Northern Ireland
That's great news Lynsey, let us know how you get on with it.
And yes, Reductil has been withdrawn!! It's a bit worrying that your GP wanted to prescribe it to you!
I've been on Xenical a few times now, and it's always been prescribed on a month-by-month basis. I go to see the nurse every fortnight, and she sorts out the prescription with the GP when I need one.
Good luck! And ask any questions that you need to :)
I got Xenical fairly easily, i'm diabetic so weight loss is an important part of my treatment. I had to lose 7lbs to get it though.

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