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question about ahem toilet! food talk be warned

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I am on day 3 of my re-start, took 1 week away from cd but stuck to low cal low carb.

Well, today after each shake, I have ran to the loo (sorry if TMI) and everything is falling out! My stomache all day has been grumbling under my ribs, round the side, on my stomache and to top it all off, I have been having painkillers all day for my ongoing headache:cry:

I didn't have any of this before, and am worried as nothing is staying in:eek: I am going to flake! I am feeling hungry but I am strong and okay not to do anything silly, although I can still smell homemade burgers and meatballs me and the kids made for their tea:17729: and wedges drool.....................sorry guys!

sigh, been on this forum daily since I found it, and not seen anyone mention this, I thought it may be this sickness bug, but it only comes on within 10 mins of having a shake:confused: then I'm fine again once ahem paid my visit

I am so sorry guys, what a lovely topic for your weds evening haha

:banghead: just a thought! I have been drinking bottled water as they are messing around with the pipes outside could this cause this maybe (cluching at straws haha)
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Just to add that i had the same problem on about day 5 of my first week, made like 6 toilet trips in 1hr!


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It's quite normal to have more toilet movements in the first few days on a vlcd. But as most people get bunged up, it's rarely mentioned.
As you've had a week off its probably the switch back to cd & all the correct vits & nutrients again. I'm sure it will settle down in a few days. x
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I have been needing the wee at least 10 times a hour but thats all.

I am on day 3 and no runs or bunged up yet! Something to look forward to lol
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I've spent more time on the bathroom going #1 and #2 than I thought possible. I wonder if I'm going to turn myself inside out!
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Hi. I am lactose intolerant and I know that if I have one of the regular shakes I am sooo gonna be sitting on the loo all day. Sticking to the soy shakes now.
S: 17st13lb C: 16st9.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st3.5lb(6.97%)
had the same problem peeps when I first started, everything came out like water and then bunged up for a week! It all started moving again when I started eating the bars....maybe the intestines need a little time to adjust to the new regime?

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