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question about cooking packs

hi there
i know you are supposed to drink shakes etc within 15 mins of making - does that count if you make something with one of the packs?

reason i'm asking is cos i'm going to the cinema tonight and i could do with taking something with me as i am having a shake at 5pm then won't be back til 10ish.
(also everyone will be eating popcorn etc)

Can I make up a muffin and take that with me? - next week it would have been easy as i would have taken a bar but i'm only on week one.

daisy x
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dont see a problem, just be aware that microwaves kill the vitamins in the bar, at least thats is what my LLC told me.

But yeah its no biggie you can do it
ameythist whats the best way to do it - i'm a bit nervous about messing up the pack!
Daisy have a look at the stickys re unofficial recipes. I make the biscuits with bars not packs.
I cut a bar up into about 10 equal pieces then sit them on brown paper or something they will not cling too - do not use greaseproof nightmare to get off!! Then place in the microwave for about a min. I stand and watch them and when they start to grow and bubble a bit.They are done. Toffee, Fruit and lemon I use the others are not suitable.
the longer you cook them the crunchier but be careful as you may end up burning them. Scrummy!!!
sounds good - but i haven't got any bars as i'm on week 1

i will check out the thread tho

daisy x
hi laststraw
you are right it is a habit eating at the cinema, i know i should break it really.
if i had planned ahead i would have had my shake later, but i only knew i was going out a little while ago.

have decided not to take anything with me - except water. i'm going to make sure i sit in the aisle seat near the back so i don't disturb everyone by keep nipping to the loo!

daisy x
Good on you for breaking the habit, it was tough for me the first couple of times I went to the cinema and didn't get anything as I *always* used the cinema as an excuse to have a lot of sugary treats!

RE your comment of
i'm going to the cinema tonight and i could do with taking something with me as i am having a shake at 5pm then won't be back til 10ish
Is there any reason why this is not do-able? Some reason you couldn't have your last shake when you get back home at 10pm? I did the same last night, went to the cinema, got home at 11.45pm and had my last one then.

I only ask as the other guy in my group, after being on the program for almost as long as me, still insists on having his packs at "meal times" (i.e. 1 at 7am, 1 at 12pm, 2 at 6pm, Breakdfast Lunch and dinner) without fail.

I questioned him on this and said, surely it's better to have them when you want them rather than because it's "lunchtime"; he replied that, as it was "lunchtime", he had to have something to eat.

It got me thinking about how I used to be as well, thinking "oh it's 12pm, time for lunch", it didn't matter wether I was hungry or not, it was 12 therefore, time to eat.

Breaking that mindset, I think, will go a long way to helping you after LL/RTM, as you will learn to eat becuase you are hungry, not because the time tells you to.

I just wondered if that's something similar to what you were thinking when a pack at 10pm seemed like a bad idea, or wrong?

Remember, the packs are not food/meals, per sé, so it doesn't matter when you have them, so long as you do :)
Had a black coffee and my water - and didn't go to the loo at all during the film!(mind you was bursting by the end!)

daisy x
i think you are right.
i 'want' to eat at mealtimes, but i don't suppose this matters on LL does it as long as the 4 packs get had.

10pm seems too late to 'eat' but ive just ahd a shake and its fine.

i guess its just getting my head around it all
daisy x
Yup, it's all in the mind (well, most of it anyway :p )
You are only in your first week (right?) so of course it's going to be all new to you, lord knows it took me long enough to "get my head" around it all to begin with!

But yes, so long as you have them all each 24 hours, it doesn't matter at all when you have them, and breaking the relationship with time dicatating when you have to eat is a very good step (at least, it has been for me)

Plus, having the packs when you want them as opposed to when you think you should be having them lets you enjoy them a bit more too :)
some days I have my bar (pack no.2 of the day) between 12.30 and 3pm, some days I save it for the bus ride home and go from 7.30 to 4.45 having only my 1st shake, and other days I carry it around all day and eventually end up eating it at 10pm!

So have them as and when you want them :)

It took me aaaages to convince my parents that I wasn't "skipping dinner" by not having my last shake until 10pm lol bless them, they can only think of them in terms of "meal-time food" :rolleyes:
You will probably find your patterns as to when you have your shakes changes as you go. I started out, Morning, noon, night, etc., like a "normal" schedule.

That didn;t really work for me.

In the end, for the last 4 months of my diet, I save all my packs and had my first one at 6pm when I got home. Then had soup for dinner at about 7. Then mixed two shakes with little water and lots of ice and made ice cream for having in the evening. And that worked perfectly for me.

Thats the key -tailor it to how it suits you best. I have not seen any evidence htat it makes any differene whatsoever when you have them.



Guess who's back...?
I'm in a rush so haven't read everyone's answers - but I was told that it was ok to make up a shake and I could take it with me if I was going somewhere as long as it was kept cold. It is not recommended to do ALL the time, but in some circumstances is ok (I was going on a training course all day)... it is just the soups and hot things that lose their goodness after more than 15 mins. So.. you could shake up a milkshake and take it in a bottle to have at the cinema?? xx (or just take a bar?)
ha ha anna, yes it was a good chick flick - bride wars, i got married in july so was quite topical for me.
managed on just the water and a black coffee!
daisy x

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