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Question about Countdown

I don't know the answer hun but I'd ask your consultant. Surely if you pre book the weeks off for work you should be okay? Like you do with holidays when you book a countdown.


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Countdowns are intended as a commitment to go to group each week. There is no mechanism (as odd as it may seem) to bypass a missed week of a countdown for a shift worker.

You could bypass it by booking the holidays (if you know your shifts in advance) but you would be loosing those holiday days (of which you only have 6) which you may want to use to not have to pay for a genuinly being away from home for holiday rather then shift work.

It is a flaw in the system, as you can't benefit from the "free" week(s) that a countdown offers as well as helping you budget.

You also shouldn't buy a countdown if you believe you'll be claiming target within that period as it quite simply is "use it or loose it" and you can't store up unused countdown weeks in case you come out of range.

(i asked about the target situation and got told the above. with regards to shift work - that's how i heard it explained to someone who is a shift worker in my group).
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I am a shift worker and cannot attend some weeks. However, I have never had a problem with countdowns as long as I make my consultant aware of the weeks I cannot attend.
It's still a commitment....I have still paid my money and just because I cannot attend one week (due to work) does not mean that I can't the following week?


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Can't you use your countdown to attend another group if one fits your shift pattern? I.e. 2 weeks at your usual group and then 1 at another and then repeat?
Yes you can use your Countdown at any group in the country! If you're at a group which uses the Xpressweigh system, your card will have your record on it and you will show up as a Countdown member. If your group is still using the old paper system, you need to take your red vouchers with you to the substitute group to prove you're a Countdown member. SW don't recommend Countdowns for shift workers who, when they are working, can't attend ANY other group that week. As Ian says, that week is then lost and is non-refundable. Some consultants do flout the rules while their group is on paper and they give shiftworkers their weeks back but this is strictly against SW rules and they could get into trouble for it if they were found out. Once the electronic system is introduced into the group, the consultant has no choice other than to follow the rules to the letter. The system doesnt allow them to override missed Countdown weeks. Hope that helps! xxx


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Thanks guys. I asked the C tonight and she explained that its due to the missing of weeks etc too

So thanks for your replies D

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