Question about duration of plan


is Magdalicious
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They've changed the structure a bit and now it's split 4 week modules where you're focus on one particular subject of the CBT and then move on to the next for as long as you require.
The groups are mixed now so you can have newbies, returners, maintainers etc all in one group which I think is great as it lets you see other people's perspective and learn from everyone's perspectives.
It's really cool!
Good luck Hun! :)

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Sounds great, thanks for the reply, I did 4 weeks last time then crumbled, psychologically 13 weeks just seemed like an eternity but breaking into 4 week chunks must be better, even if you do end up doing 12 weeks or more!


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as mags said, because the groups are mixed now i find it really inspirational. knowing what made them fall off plan.... seeing the maintainers before and after pics... it all keeps me motivated. good luck and take care. this forum is a godsend for me, everyone is so lovely and supportive and theres always someone going through what you are. xx


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Thanks Carrie and Mags for your messages! I'm very impressed with the speedy response, great to know there are people out there in the same boat. I like the idea of a mixture of stages all together, especially the maintainers as they have been through it and made it to the other side! I need to keep a positive attitude this time around, focus on what I am gaining not what I am giving up, I hope my counsellor is nice