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Question about exercise.

I've got to have a couple weeks off from the diet (not my choice) but when I am back too SS-ing I want to do some exercise to catch up.

Although I am obese, I normally do exercise. I suffer from really bad period pains & I find exercising regularly really helps. So I'm not completely unfit.

Obviously I won't push myself when I'm on SS.

Some experts say you have to workout for at least 30 mins before you burn fat, others 20 mins and some say the length doesn't matter.

As CD is a ketosis diet, does that apply to us - will say 10 mins, 3 times a day - allow me to burn fat or do I still have to exercise hard for at least 30 mins.

I know you can put on weight through exercise, muscle weighs more than fat. But I am more interested in my fat weight than my body weight.

As like alot of people I am worried about loose skin & want to tone my body while I am dieting.

Thank-you for your time
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Serena A

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Not sure about the ketosis side but I was once told by a fitness instructor that exercise has to be continuous in order to burn fat - splitting it up would still be good for you with regard to your cardiovascular health but not from a fat-burning point of view. Personally I can't see how you could get your heart rate up enough within 10 minutes to fat-burn significantly unless you really pushed yourself which as you said we're advised not to do on CD.....hope this helps x
Thank-you, I can manage 1 hour on a cross trainer (only by watching a movie, at the same time as it keeps my mind of the pain) or 1.5 hours on an exercise bike - keeping around 17/18 mph on a medium level (again watching tv or a movie)

But I am worried if I do that, i will go in starvation mode, as it shows I burn alot of calories - thats why I just want to do 3x 10 mins. As I keep reading about starvation mode while exercising on VLCDs.

The 3 x 10 mins is running (well it feels like running to me, but fit people would call it jogging) or 3 x 10 mins of skipping as fast as I can .


Laugh in the face of food
I'm not sure about the fat burning part, but before I started CD I was pretty fit, managing much the same as you on the bike and 40 mins on the stairmaster. But since I've been on CD, I've noticed that although I can still manage to do the same level of exercise, it takes me a lot longer to recover, my muscles tend to ache for days, which they never did before.

I'm too much of a gym freak to cut back on the time I spend exercising so I have to put up with the aches and pains. I haven't noticed a difference in weightloss, but I have toned up which is something I wasn't sure would happen.

Lol, just realised I haven't really answered your question. I don't even know the answer really. It's probably best just to listen to your body and see how you feel after an session, then take it from there.
Not been much help sorry xx

Serena A

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Personally I wouldn't approach exercise on Sole Source as a way to speed up the weight loss - it's extreme enough already! I guess if you were doing enough exercise to make a significant impact on your weight loss, however you split those sessions up, then it would be too much for your body and it might well go into starvation mode. And the calorie counters on exercise machines are notoriously innacurate :sigh:

Personally I'm doing regular toning exercises with light weights (1.5 kg dumbbells) and a bit of light cardio (tae bo and dance videos but taking it relatively easy) and finding it is really helping with the old bingo wings :D

I am also trying to help myself along by keeping "extras" like mix-a-mousse, bars, water flavouring etc. to the minimum that I need for me to stick to the diet.

Having said all that I am no expert in fitness, just my opinion and I would agree with Surfhunny about listening to your body.
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Thank-you for all your advise, I will just do some mild exercise to help tone, after all I should lose weight quickly on SS.

I think why I want to do exercise is I am worried about loose skin. I am single (please don't laugh at me) but I've only had one boyfriend. I was with him from age 13 to 21. I am 26 almost 27 now, so I haven't had a boyfriend for a long time. I don't know about dating as I met him at school when I was 13, so it wasn't like adult dating.

Late teens I was about 8 stone and was slim. When he broke my heart I was still fairly slim 9.5 stone, he really broke my heart, he was my first love & I thought my life was over when he found another woman - now I am so pleased we are not together as he was horrible to me, not physically but mentally. He used to always make me aware I could never get someone else, so I used to put up with him cheating etc (sorry I am crying while writing this), I used to be fairly attractive, men used to look at me when I walked down the street (I can see that now) but at the time I was convinced men were looking at me as I was so ugly. As he used to tell me that & point out my flaws on my face & body (things I hadn't even though of). I became so paranoid, when he finished with me & I was 9.5 stone - i thought I was too fat to go out with anyone else. I stopped going out & socially / lost touch with friends etc
Initially I lost weight through a broken heart diet!!! But then I started comfort eating, I was never over weight as a child, but my dad always used to call me "fat bum" "miss piggy" "porky pig" and my favourite "michelin man" (sometimes people are so mean).
Now I have got to 14st7 and I'm taking action, I don't want to hide myself from the world everyday, if I didn't have to go to work, I would probably buy everything online & never leave me house.

I so want to be happy, I want a partner and I want to feel loved. But I am so worried about loose skin, that's why i want to exercise - as I didn't have the confidence at 9.5 stone to get a new boyfriend (incase they laughed at my body) so I am really worried I will hate my body after I have lost weight.
I know it's better to be slim with some excess skin, than fat without it - it just worries me about dating again.

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Aww bless you I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time xx

At 14st7 you will hopefully find that you don't have too much of a problem with loose skin especially as you are still young. I started off at 14st 12 and have lost 3 stone so far with no problems on the skin front, even though my skin is not very elastic (covered in stretchmarks from since I was a kid) and I don't moisturise it.

I truly wish you the best and am so glad you have escaped your ex's destructive behaviour, you deserve so much more xxx


Laugh in the face of food
Try not to worry too much about loose skin hun, it takes about 6 months for your skin to shrink back totally, you're skin will still have a lot of elasticity cos you're still young. I've lost 4st so far and I haven't really noticed any looseness. My tummy is still a bit wobbly so are the top of my legs. My friend has just lost 10st on lighter life and she doesn't really have loose skin either and she hadn't done a single bit of exercise until recently.

I know what you mean about being single though, I promise you once you start gaining in confidence and feeling good about how you look, the little imperfections don't seem as important anymore.


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I do toning exercise with with light dumbbells and walking comes and goes depending on mood:eek:

But the one thing I am constant about is making sure to keep my skin well moisturized and I massage myself from head to toe at least four times a week. It is like a mini workout in itself:8855:

I am very pleased with my skin after losing almost six and half stone and I am hopeful it will be as good when I eventually get to goal.

Love Mini xxx

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