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  1. A.W.

    A.W. Member

    Typical - on the 4th day of SS i was on TOTM so was only finally able to test for ketones yesterday (9th day) with Ketostix, and the result said trace (5mg/dL).

    Is this level normal? For some reason i thought it would be more. So does this mean im only in slight ketosis after 9 days?!

    Thanks in advance for your advice,
    A x
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  3. jaynie1985

    jaynie1985 Full Member

    good question am only on day 6 so would like to know this to xx
  4. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    It's probably just that you've drunk a lot of water so your urine is diluted. It doesn't matter how pink the stick is, if it has any pink on it you're in ketosis.

    You will know that you're in ketosis by feeling more energised, bad breath and reduced hunger.
  5. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

    I have never used ketostix, on CD you only go into a mild form of ketosis anyway, if you start to feel like you have more energy and not as hungry then you are probably in ketosis, dont worry what the sticks say, if you are 100% on cd it will not fail.

    Good luck with you cd journey
  6. A.W.

    A.W. Member

    That makes sense, i am drinking nearly 4L of water a day so i suppose my urine must be quite dilute.

    Really hope i am in ketosis by now - was feeling ok so far until yesterday when I just felt exhausted and hungry all day - i have been on SS 100% and not cheated (cant quite believe it), so not sure if i am.

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