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Question about length of Foundation


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Hi All

Just a little query I wondered if anyone could help me with. I joined my group when they were in week 3 - I am guessing this means they were entering week 4. So apart from missing out on the photos, measurements and first 3 weeks, which I am a little cross about. We were told last week by our LLC's locum (he is away for 2 weeks) that next week will be our last class. We then have a choice to join either a Monday or Saturday group. Will this be a continuation of where we are finishing off in group, or will this be developers, even though I am technically still only half way through foundation? It will be strange to have to get used to a new group and have my group split up. I also thought Foundation ran for 14 weeks not 12. Can anyone let me know any more about this?

Thanks in advance

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last time I checked it was 14 weeks.


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I joined my group a week after everyone else and when their 14 weeks were up, so were mine. As I'm going into developers anyway, it's not such an issue, I'm just counting MY 14 weeks. So they've gone into developers a week before me. As it turned out I couldn't make that 1st session (which was a day earlier than my usual WI day) so I went in on my usual day and I view that as my 14th week. My 1st session in developers is tomorrow, I know 2 people from my group of 4 (including me) are attending so it won't be all new people.

I would check with your LLC/locum but I guess if they aren't running the sessions there's not a lot you can do about it. they should have told you what to expect though when you joined.

sukie sue

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never heard of that one ! but thats what happens on lite people come and go all the time . dont really get it for foundation though as the whole concept is supposed to be centered around the group counciling and the bond you develop as a group as you go through the journey together, mmm wonder what the thinking is behind this is then ??


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hmmm - dunno, would be interested to find out though hun x


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That's exactly the way the Mens' groups work with all stages mixed together - I think it's more to do with the smaller numbers than anything else, but works OK.

I had heard that all the groups were moving in the same way, as this provides much more flexibility for the LLC


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It would certainly help me. I can only do Saturdays and I can't attend the one Developers group that my LLC has so I'm having to look for something else when my Foundation ends in a couple of weeks.

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