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Question about periods....tmi!

Hey all hope ur all doing fab!

I'm still doing 100% ss and loving it. This week I have lost 3lbs so far but have official weigh in tomorrow.

Anyways this morning very randomly my scales said I was 1/2lb heavier. I hadn't drunk any water, I weighed myself at same time as I do every morning (serial scale hopper) and every day I have started CD I have weighed myself same time every morning and they have always gone down or at least stayed the same....not up! As well as this I seem to be bleeding very very very slightly yesterday morning and today as well as very sore lower tummy pains. my period isn't due for another 2 weeks could it be coming early??? Also I'm constipated lol not a good week so far haha! Na I'm feeling fine mentally, and I'm not in any way disheartened just confused bout the +1/2lb and the bleeding....any thoughts most welcome!

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I've had intermitent bleeding since I restarted CD, although didn't have any problems the first time around.
I spoke to my cdc about it and she was telling me that the fat cells contain small levels of oestrogen so as you're burning these off you're releasing the oestrogen into your system.
She said it should start to tail off after around 6 weeks.
Although it's been an inconvienience at least I know i'm burning fat :D


please try again
vlcd's are known to send totm dolally
Given that your halfway through your cycle, could it be an implantation bleed? I don't want to scare you, but any chance you could be pregnant? Mid cycle bleeding can sometimes be down to implantation. CD is known for making women super fertile too.

My periods (although annoyingly heavy due to my coil) are just as they were pre-CD.



My husband = My hero
CD is known for making women super fertile too.
I have a beautiful surprise as proof of this lol!!

My cycle goes up the wall on CD and I usually and have been bleed for about 3 weeks of a month...

Might be water retention or just your constipation hub

Give it a few days and weigh again but don't be disheartened it's NOT fat! xx
I'm defo not preggers! I am veeeeeeeeery careful with that and have the mirena coil - - - I would honestly be distraught if I got pregnant again so I'm sooooo careful! Thankyou for all your replies. I still haven't managed to go to toilet but bleeding has stopped again. Weightloss is still stuck but I know it will move on soon! xxx

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